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Thursday, 16 October 2014

The Mystery Man Plays HOTT

Once again I found myself playing a HOTT Wars of the Roses game tonight, although smaller than last week's, at only 24AP

This was because I was teaching someone to play.  Someone who regards a HOTT army as roughly equivalent to a small unit in the games he normally likes to play.

I have agreed to protect this mystery player's anonymity, so have put one of those black bars across Ralph's eyes so you can't identify him.

We had tow nearly identical armies. The Mystery Player charged his Knights in early, and broke through my mercenary pikemen.

In the middle we had the obligatory hacking match between billmen and men at arms.

I drove the enemy general back towards his baseline, but his mounted archers came to the rescue, and it was my general who was cut down, giving the Mystery Player the victory.

On the other table Peter and Geoff tried out Impetus for the first time.

They used lots of dice to keep track of stuff.

There was also a game of Wings of War (or Glory) using 1/72nd scale planes.

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