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Saturday, 4 March 2017

Dwarven Stronghold

The other week I showcased my new 28mm Dwarf army for HOTT. At the time it lacked a stronghold, but I have now rectified that omission.

Here it is:

It's the Netherforge Miner King from Thingiverse.

I scaled it up by 30%, and it printed well with no loss of resolution. It's one of the longest prints I've done - over ten hours - and is in nine pieces: the body and the eight arms. It was very easy to assemble, of course.

As strongholds go it's on a base of the absolute minimum size: 200p square. But it's far more interesting than the traditional cave or mine entrance I would have otherwise gone for.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012


One feature of the old Stronghold was a gallery of, well, Strongholds. Every HOTT army has one - the seat of its power and the target of any attacking army. They are often as much fun to design and create as the armies themselves.

 So I thought that, from time to time, I'd feature a selection of the ones that were contributed over the years.

To start I'll post a batch from Rolf Steens. They are a mixture of existing models, with creative additions, and scratch-builds, and show how artistic a Stronghold can be. All of these Strongholds are for 15mm armies:

Demonic Stronghold
Resin gateway for Warzone. Actually the reverse of the Undead Stronghold below.

A scratch built Dwarven Stronghold. The rock was made from pine hide painted in different shades of grey and sand. The Gate is a model railway accessory, the bronze arms above the gateway are plastic shields for 25 mm figures. Dwarf miniatures from the Demonworld range.

This Magician's Tower was a present of a fellow wargamer, who had bought it in a pet shop. It is a fish tank accessory, but suits better on a wargames table. It only needed a base and some refining of the prepainted structures. Its proportions are so weird, that it must be the home of a very powerful magician.

This Undead Gateway is a resin model for Warzone and is actually the reverse of the Demonic Stronghold

This "Holy Shrine" Wood Elf Stronghold is a very nice resin cast by Fantasy Warlord of a stone mound around a "Mother Goddess". It has been refined with some model railway birch trees and a praying girl by Chariot.

All pictures are (c) Rolf Steens
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