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Sunday, 15 July 2018

Machinas Duo

I put together another couple of cars for Machinas on Friday and Saturday; I assembled and glued all the bits together on Friday evening, prepped and painted the basic colour-scheme on Saturday morning before my dancing lessons, and the finished them off on Saturday evening whilst Mrs Kobold drooled over 'Poldark'.

They don't have names yet.

They're both based around ranged attacks and armour.

The car has guns fore and aft, whilst the pick-up truck mounts a flamethrower to the rear.

I had intended keeping the original stars and stripes colour-scheme of the car, but I forgot and was too far into the undercoating to back out and repair the damage. So I went with blood-red instead.

The pickup was interesting to paint; that greebling down the side was part of the original vehicle; my only additions were the metal strips on the windscreen and the flamethrower assemblage in the back.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Back In Black

Another car for Machinas. I may add a bit more weathering to the windows (although I like the contrast with the bodywork).

This one will be suitable for both races and the rough and tumble of life on the roads.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

What's New Pussycat?

I actually got some paint and brushes out today for the first time in weeks, and finished something! I started this car for Machinas last year, but it's sat in the 'to do' pile since then.

Big shiny bonus points if you can spot the inspiration for the colour-scheme and (to a lesser extent) the design.

Monday, 26 February 2018

The Ceidonian Recruitment Drive

With one thing and another I didn't get in any gaming over the weekend, despite some plans to do so. I did manage a little bit of painting, though. With my DBA Swiss looking for an opponent, I realised that I could tweak my generic medieval Ceidonian army for HOTT into a couple of generic medieval DBA armies. All I needed to do was add a few elements from the figures I'd picked up the other week and, where relevant, repaint them to match the Ceidonian's yellow and red livery.

My first target was to build it up to allow me as many of the DBA Medieval German b-list options as I could manage. This is most of them, but I still have the bases to do.

Five lots of 3Kn, one of 6Kn, one LH, two Ps, two Sp, two 4Bd, two 4Pk and one 4Cb. None of it is historically accurate, I reckon, but I'm not too worried, and the elements will do nicely for both HOTT and DBA.

I don't have the 3Cv the list allows, unfortunately, but that's optional. I still have two elements of horsed to sort out, and I have some figures do do a HOTT hero element as well.

After this lot is done I will be adding a few more elements which will allow me to run the army as Italian Condotta as well, again with a few options. It will pretty much give me 48AP for HOTT as well, so it will be a win on two fronts. I just need to knuckle down to the painting.

Monday, 12 February 2018


At the end of my previous post I said I'd acquired a pile of painted 15mm medieval figures that I was planning on assembling into a couple of DBA armies. Well, I spent this weekend working on one of the armies. Mostly this involved stripping figures from their current bases, a few minor changes to the paint-jobs on some of them, a lot of repairing and replacing of weapons, the addition of flags and, finally, a complete rebasing.

The end result? An Early Swiss DBA army.

Actually it's more than that; a quick check of the DBA lists showed that the first Late Swiss sub-list is very similar and I had the figures to cover the differences. So I did those as well, extending my army's date range by a massive 25 years.

The Early Swiss army offers the chance to have an force made up almost entirely of double-based troops. I found this quite attractive, despite the fact that it's something of a liability not entirely offset by the advantage it offers. So there's nine elements of 6Bd. Including the general. The rest of the army consist of a couple of psiloi with crossbows, and an element of light horse, also with crossbows. That's it. Very one-dimensional.

The Late Swiss list covers the stage when they switched to pikes, but the first sub-list is still basically the 6Bd, with a small core of pike elements. Four to be precise. The army loses the light horse and only fields six of the blade elements.

I did some reading around and the first 'proper' Confederacy consisted of eight cantons. So I gave each of eight elements one of the cantonal flags. The one element without a flag is the committee that commands the army. The flags really set the army off nicely.

I have no illusions about how effective this army is. The other figures I've got should, if I work them right, give me an appropriate Medieval German list to oppose them, but all of their historical opponents are strong on knights; a troop type the Swiss blades are vulnerable to. I suspect that Swiss victories rely on them being the defender and being very cunning in their use of terrain; pretty much how they performed historically, as far as I can tell. Still despite their weakness the army looks great, and I'm thrilled to have finally acquired it at such little effort, and no cost.

Saturday, 16 December 2017


Many, many years ago I was gifted this resin model. When I say 'many, many' I mean 'nearly 20'. Today I finally assembled it. I always get there in the end.

There's a couple of 15mm figures next to it for scale, part of the same project I put it together for.

Now, does anyone recognise it?

(I mean, I know what it is. I just wondered if anyone else did.)

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Derpy Dinosaurs

Last week I played a game of Dragon Rampant using a warband made up of cheap plastic dinosaurs. As a reward for them not only winning, but also providing an entertaining game, I painted them this week.

Here's how they looked in the game.

And here's how they look now.

In other news, a majority of Australians said:

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Army Showcase - The Knights of the Round Table

You've probably seen enough of these figures to last you a lifetime over the past couple of days, but I thought an army showcase was in order.

Back in 2002, a fellow wargamer was downsizing his collection, and gave me an unpainted Peter Pig pre-made HOTT army - The Knights of the Round Table. I started painting them, lost the impetus and stored them away. They emigrated with me in 2008, and stayed in storage until, the other week, I realised I needed a new HOTT army for my 6x6 Challenge project, dug them out, and finished them.

The army is:

1 x Hero General (Arthur)
1 x Hero (Lancelot)
1 x Magician (Merlin)
4 x Knights
2 x Blades
Optional: 1 x Paladin (Sir Galahad)

Here's Arthur

And most of the knights.

Lancelot and Galahad, plus some friends.


And the knights on foot.

That's it really. Lovely figures, of course. Peter Pig rarely disappoints, and they're a joy to paint.

On a totally unrelated note, one of my