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Monday, 1 October 2018

Gladiators at MOAB

Victor and I were a bit disorganised getting a game ready for MOAB this year. We had considered running some Gaslands (based on the success of Machinas in previous years) but were preempted on that. And a good thing too, as the Gaslands game that was run at MOAB was outstanding. With Gaslands running on one table, Machinas didn't really seem to be an option either. So we fell back on our faithful standby - Munera Sine Missione.

We're currently putting the finishing touches to v3.0 of the game (in fact it's mostly waiting for me to do the reformatting and page-breaks, which seems to be a harder job than actually developing the rules), so we took the opportunity to try out some of the bits and pieces from it.

We started off with a fight between a whip-armed light gladiator, and a Provocator.

Victor was disappointed to see his Provocactor defeated rather easily, and then granted no mercy by the crowd because he'd resorted to using his special defensive breast-plate (a new feature of this gladiator type).

Victor tried out his Hoplomachus design against a helmetless Thracian.

I can't remember the result of this fight. Rufina the Thracian usually loses her bouts, though, so that's probably what happened.

Victor has a figure called 'The Shadow of Death' (or 'Umbra Mortis' in Latin), and tried him next - he has light armour and two swords. I used the Secutor, Hero. The Shadow of Death died.

Our first interested punter appeared, and played a couple of games. He tried a super-heavy gladiator first, and I opposed him with a spear-armed medium. I was incredibly lucky throughout the fight, twice finding a chink in his armour to badly wound him, and then breaking his sword. Needless to say I won that fight.

Our punter then switched to  light gladiator, and used Rodan, the whip-armed fighter I'd used earlier in the day.

Victor explained some of the finer points of the game.

This game saw an appearance of the referee. I can't remember the result though.

Victor and I played a few more bouts. I used Syalvania, a very light gladiator armed with a spear and lasso. Victor used his Maximus figure in the first fight, and I can't remember who won.

In the second fight he used his Scissor, and lost, although we forgot a couple of key special rules which may have affected the results.

We played a couple more games with passers-by, before we decided to try out the campaign rules and try some skilled gladiators. The campaign didn't go well for Victor. - his school lost three gladiators in quick succession, including some skilled ones, whilst mine racked up prestige.

Moderatus was my star fighter. Armed with a sword and cape, he won a couple of fights ...

... including this one against an armoured Scissor where he lost his sword and ended up subduing his opponent with his bare hands.

Another fight, and eventual victory, for Moderatus.

We fitted in several fights during the course of the day, without feeling too rushed. Victor's small arena looked lovely, and helped set the scene of the game very well. We also fitted in a couple of jousts using the rules I am developing, and they ran pretty smoothly as well.

Monday, 2 October 2017

MOAB 2017 - The Sunday

Sunday at MOAB 2017. And I played in my very first DBA competition.

It was a six round competition covering Armies from the Book 3 and Book 4 sections of the lists, so 600AD onwards. In fact I think every army used was from Book 4. Armies of the Crusades and of the Wars of the Roses were popular. I took my Mound Builders.

My head's al lover the place at the moment, so I can't remember half of the armies I faced, or the names of most of the people I played. Sorry.

My first game was against Lachlan who was using some version of Italian Condotta. A version that had littoral as its terrain type. Anyway, we spent a few turns rearranging our lines, after he landed some light cavalry from ships. I advanced and got my archers into play before he was quite ready, and killed a couple of elements.

He advanced his army, but did so piecemeal. More archery saw his army break, with no loss to me.

Things were going good, I though. Sit tight and shoot and I'll be sorted.

Then I faced Patrick, with his Wars of the Roses army. A feature of this competition was that you could used any of the variants in your chosen list, in each game. Including allies. So Patrick saw my army, and used the flexibility of his list to maximise the number of blade elements he had; he then dropped most of his archers, chose his own list as an ally, and had more blades.

He then proceeded to chop my army to pieces.

I've lost a game somewhere; obviously I didn't take a picture of one of them, and can't remember who I played or what they used. I think this next one was my fourth game, and I was up against a Burgundian Ordnance army. Where Patrick chopped me to pieces, this gentleman shot me to pieces. His archers were equal to mine, and he had two artillery pieces as well.

I tried a flank attack through the cover of some woods, and totally messed it up by having my general too far away from it to be effective..

I went into lunch with one win and three losses under my belt. After lunch I faced some Komnenan Byzantines. I felt good about this one, as he seemed to have plenty of horses for me to shoot, and nothing to shoot back with.

In fact the battlefield was a billiard table, he went straight into the attack, my archery as he came in was ineffective, and his spearmen and other foot cut my archers to pieces in melee.

They even became the only player all day to take out my command litter.

My fifth game was against Robert, who was using a Later Crusader army. I made a better effort at the flan attack through the woods on his flank in this one, but was let down by combat rolls. He then attacked me and, once again, my army was rolled over by heavy foot.

Played five, won one, lost four and I went into my last game battling for that important last place. My opponent was Peter, who was using Early Crusaders. He had a pile of knights and spears.

I tried a new tactic in the battle, putting the expendable hordes in front of my main troops, and throwing the whole lot towards his impetuous mounted. The aim was to break up his knights, forcing them to pursue ont the tougher elements behind where they's be overlapped.

It worked, although I was very lucky. I scored a couple of kills with archery early on, and then sacrificed hordes to suck his knights onto my nobles. Although a dangerous fight - he kills me on a win - I felt I had nothing to lose. A drawn combat saw me destroy his general's element, and give me my second win of the day.

The final scores. The number to the left of the slash is the number of wins the player had, and to the right their element kill differential. Mine was bad because, although hordes don't count towards my losses in game terms, they did count as a lost element for tie-break purposes. Since I lost hordes in every game by design, I lost points each time as well.

It was an enjoyable event. I'm less familiar with DBA than I am with HOTT, so struggled in some games, and I certainly took a difficult army to use in the environment we were in. You'll notice that all of my opponents were some combination of knights, bows, blades and spears; European medieval armies predominated, and did well. Saying that, someone was using a Siamese army, but I never got to fight that. He and I were pretty much the only players to buck the trend. The fact that you could reconfigure your lists, if it was allowed, meant that certain armies would always be favoured. I kind of missed the variety you get in competitive HOTT armies.

So I took a knife to a gun-fight, but I still got in a couple of hits ...

Saturday, 30 September 2017

MOAB 2017 - The Saturday

It's the October long-weekend here in New South Wales, and that means it's time for MOAB. Regular readers of this blog will know that for the past couple of years this has meant Victor and I running games of Munera Sine Missione on the Saturday, and playing HOTT on the Monday. But not this year. Firstly there's no HOTT on the Monday; the number of players has declined to the point that it wasn't worth running it. Instead I'm playing DBA, which will be something of an experience. And the gladiators have now been dropped in favour of Machinas. Victor and I brought this in a couple of years ago as a side-game, but it proved so popular that we made it the only game this year.

If you've been following the blog you will know the setup I'd decided on. Each player would run a pair of scavengers, with one of more groups competing (or maybe co-operating) to bring down a chase on the roads of post-apocalypse New South Wales (or modern-day Wilcannia). Victor produced a nice board, and some tumbleweed, whilst I provided the road itself, wrecks, buildings and the vehicles. Here's was the setup we used to lure in our first punters.

We ran three games during the course of the day, and all the players seemed to enjoy themselves, as did the interested spectators we attracted.

In the first game, Max himself had to push his V8 Interceptor to its limits in order to avoid the attentions of three players. A VW Beetle with a flame-thrower pressed him hard here; he responded by trying to run it off the road. Almost succeeded too.

One of the other scavengers did manage it though. Competition was fierce.

It wasn't a good day to be a motorcyclist.

The pack thinned out, through crashes and vehicles dropping out. Max held on ...

He almost came a cropper when his brakes locked and he skidded back towards the fearsome excavator, but some skillful driving on his part (which, in game terms, involved chucking every last bonus dice he had into the roll) saw him survive.

Max lived to drive another day, as the pursuers all finally gave up.

Another game. This time the Big Yellow Taxi was the chase, and proved a tricky foe with guns and rockets to the front and rear.

Once again the scavengers competed with each other for the rights to the kill; this blue rat-rod was the first casualty.

Attacks on the taxi saw some of the pursuers pull ahead, leaving the taxi having to try and pass or destroy them in order to keep the chase momentum going. Damage meant that it lost both of its guns, however.

The spiky car tried its best to thin out the pusuers and go for the kill, but its young driver hadn't mastered the art of expending bonus dice (despite frustrated parental guidance) and it never managed to set up a winning pass in order to bring the spikes to bear.

Finally the chase settled down to the taxi and the fearsome spines of Rock Lobster. The taxi held it off, and escaped, but it was a close-run thing.

The final game of the day saw the hobo-roadster Tom Sawyer pursued by two gangs featuring mostly bikes, plus the deadly digger/ute combination.

A biker learned that tailing a car with a  rear-mounted machine gun wasn't always sensible. He survived, but was wounded, and lost his bag of molotov cocktails.

The digger tried to pick off competing motorcyclists from the rear.

The pack thinned. Some motorcyclists broke off. Others fell to Tom Sawyer's gun. Eventually the roadster and the ute met in single-combat.

A win for the scavengers!

I was really pleased with how smoothly the game ran with the various modifications and house-rules we have for the game. We got to try a variety of vehicles and, whilst I think vehicles equipped for bashing have a slight edge, the balance of size and equipment is about right. At the end of the day, the games were a lot of fun, although running them all day was utterly exhausting.

Next: Sunday competitive DBA!

6x6 - Game 4.6
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