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Saturday, 30 September 2017

MOAB 2017 - The Saturday

It's the October long-weekend here in New South Wales, and that means it's time for MOAB. Regular readers of this blog will know that for the past couple of years this has meant Victor and I running games of Munera Sine Missione on the Saturday, and playing HOTT on the Monday. But not this year. Firstly there's no HOTT on the Monday; the number of players has declined to the point that it wasn't worth running it. Instead I'm playing DBA, which will be something of an experience. And the gladiators have now been dropped in favour of Machinas. Victor and I brought this in a couple of years ago as a side-game, but it proved so popular that we made it the only game this year.

If you've been following the blog you will know the setup I'd decided on. Each player would run a pair of scavengers, with one of more groups competing (or maybe co-operating) to bring down a chase on the roads of post-apocalypse New South Wales (or modern-day Wilcannia). Victor produced a nice board, and some tumbleweed, whilst I provided the road itself, wrecks, buildings and the vehicles. Here's was the setup we used to lure in our first punters.

We ran three games during the course of the game, and all the players seemed to enjoy themselves, as did the interested spectators we attracted.

In the first game, Max himself had to push his V8 Interceptor to its limits in order to avoid the attentions of three players. A VW Beetle with a flame-thrower pressed him hard here; he responded by trying to run it off the road. Almost succeeded too.

One of the other scavengers did manage it though. Competition was fierce.

It wasn't a good day to be a motorcyclist.

The pack thinned out, through crashes and vehicles dropping out. Max held on ...

He almost came a cropper when his brakes locked and he skidded back towards the fearsome excavator, but some skillful driving on his part (which, in game terms, involved chucking every last bonus dice he had into the roll) saw him survive.

Max lived to drive another day, as the pursuers all finally gave up.

Another game. This time the Big Yellow Taxi was the chase, and proved a tricky foe with guns and rockets to the front and rear.

Once again the scavengers competed with each other for the rights to the kill; this blue rat-rod was the first casualty.

Attacks on the taxi saw some of the pursuers pull ahead, leaving the taxi having to try and pass or destroy them in order to keep the chase momentum going. Damage meant that it lost both of its guns, however.

The spiky car tried its best to thin out the pusuers and go for the kill, but its young driver hadn't mastered the art of expending bonus dice (despite frustrated parental guidance) and it never managed to set up a winning pass in order to bring the spikes to bear.

Finally the chase settled down to the taxi and the fearsome spines of Rock Lobster. The taxi held it off, and escaped, but it was a close-run thing.

The final game of the day saw the hobo-roadster Tom Sawyer pursued by two gangs featuring mostly bikes, plus the deadly digger/ute combination.

A biker learned that tailing a car with a  rear-mounted machine gun wasn't always sensible. He survived, but was wounded, and lost his bag of molotov cocktails.

The digger tried to pick off competing motorcyclists from the rear.

The pack thinned. Some motorcyclists broke off. Others fell to Tom Sawyer's gun. Eventually the roadster and the ute met in single-combat.

A win for the scavengers!

I was really pleased with how smoothly the game ran with the various modifications and house-rules we have for the game. We got to try a variety of vehicles and, whilst I think vehicles equipped for bashing have a slight edge, the balance of size and equipment is about right. At the end of the day, the games were a lot of fun, although running them all day was utterly exhausting.

Next: Sunday competitive DBA!

6x6 - Game 4.6

Friday, 29 September 2017

Rush Hour

I'd planned for the possibility of running a couple of small games of Machinas on Thursday in order to check things out for MOAB on Saturday. But the interest was such that I ended up having to work out a game capable of catering for six people. I decided to go for a kind of King of the Hill scenario; each player would have a couple of vehicles representing a gang, and all running along the same stretch of road. It would use the chase mechanisms, with the aim being to have the last vehicle running when all of the others had dropped out or been eliminated. As in a normal Machinas chase, vehicles would roll each turn to see if they dropped out, with the likelihood increasing as time progressed.

Six players. Two vehicles each. Twelve vehicles. My biggest game of Machinas yet!

It started off looking like a holiday weekend traffic jam.

But it soon settled into a lively chase.

The initial positioning tended to favour bigger vehicles at the back and smaller at the front. Gary scared those at the rear with a gigantic digger.

The first casualty - an anarchist biker had a run-in with the spiky car and ended up shredded. The wreck of his bike caused chaos along the rest of the pack.

Maya scored a kill with the digger/ute combination.

The front-runners ...

... and those at the rear.

And attempt on the lead. It succeeded, but the green hot-rod recaptured the position.

Another kill for the ute.

A few vehicles had now dropped out, as well as the three vehicles that had been destroyed; the pack was thinning out a little.

More dropouts.

The off-road Beetle makes a run for the lead ...

... and takes it.

Eventually there were only two vehicles left running - Satvik's Beetle and Gary's bike.

Gary slipped the bike into the lead, and the Beetle then dropped out, leaving Gary as King of the Road.

The scenario worked pretty well, given that my design parameters were pretty much based on the idea that if you chuck enough stuff on the table, entertainment was sure to ensue. Once we got going each turn didn't take too long to resolve, and none of the mechanisms are too complicated either. The games at MOAB will be ordinary chases, with far fewer vehicles.

6x6 - Game 4.5

Sunday, 24 September 2017

More For MOAB

I finished off a few more scenic bits and pieces for MOAB this afternoon.

Firstly, some shacks and tyre-piles for Machinas.

And also some huts suitable for a Mound Builder village, for the DBA event.

Everything was 3D printed from files I found on Thingiverse. The huts were resized as well.

Monday, 11 September 2017

White Line Nightmare

I knocked up a couple of feet of Outback road for Machinas this evening; some grey mounting paper, cut to size, with double white lines painted down the middle and a brown dry-brush. Quick and simple.

I might tart them up a little more, but they look pretty good on one of my DBA/HOTT boards.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Ratrods and Tanker

I ran a game of Machinas at the club last night in preparation for MOAB, where we'll be running games of it on the Saturday. With one player calling in sick, I ended up with two players; Maya and Satvik. Here they are. Aren't they cute?

I set up the chase scenario we'll be running; they got to choose from a selection of vehicle pairs, and I played a randomly determined vehicle that they were attempting to chase and destroy. The player who finished off the target would win, so although co-operation was encouraged, a clear winner would emerge at the end.

As you can see from the looks above, co-operation wasn't going to happen, despite the random target being the heavily armoured tanker Industrial Disease.

Satvik ran the spiky Please Don't Touch and nippy Blues Breaker, whilst Maya had the two black ratrods, Terrible Canyons of Static and Dead Flag Blues.

Maya's plan was obvious from the start; destroy Satvik's vehicles. This left Satvik fending her off, whilst also trying to organise attacks on the tanker

I am working on some better-looking terrain for this game, but I'm reasonably happy with the width of the road for this kind of game.

Maya managed to get in a couple of good shots at Blues Breaker, with harpoons from one vehicle and rockets from the other. This left Satkvik's vehicle badly damaged and in danger of being taken out of the chase.

However Satvik was keeping his eyes on the prize, and make an attempt on the tanker with Please Don't Touch. There was lots of scraping of paint and metal, but no real damage.

Frustrated by a failure to finish off Blue Breaker, one of Maya's vehicles  dropped out of the chase.

Soon afterwards, Please Don't Touch skidded back into Terrible Canyons of Static.

The results were predictable.

Another vehicle pulled out; the badly-damaged Blues Breaker.

This now left the spiky Please Don't Touch as the only vehicle chasing the tanker.

Satvik had a good try; lining up an attack on the tanker wasn't hard, as the ratrod had better speed and handling, but lining up an attack likely to succeed was harder.

Success eluded him, and the tanker escaped.

Neither Satvik or Maya had played before, but had little trouble picking up the mechanisms, and Maya had a lot of fun playing a very aggressive game unrelated to the actual victory conditions. Running the tanker didn't give me a lot to do, but the game in general allowed me to assess some of the changes I've made to the rules, so was very helpful.

6x6 - Game 4.4
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