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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Playing With Yourself

I like role-playing games, but lack the time, energy and (it has to be said) the imagination to come up with interesting plots. I also lack the players - my family will play sometimes, but I'm not sure that we're always looking for the same thing in a game. And I prefer to play rather than run the game - as do they.

So I love tools that will act the role of a GM - providing me with prompts to drive the adventure and the adventure itself, whilst leaving me free to play the character. And, whilst it's not new, I got hold of another one today:

RPG Solo

Like any tool, there is almost certainly a knack to using it effectively, but it's more in creatively interpreting small things and building them into a developing plotline and the setting you have chosen for the game, rather than having to have large amounts of plot and characters worked out before hand.

What's nice about this tool is that it has an attached forum to discuss ideas and changes, ask questions and, of course, post example adventures.

A mobile-friendly version is promised. It's things like that make me keen to get an iPad.

Update: In case anyone is wondering how a solo RPG works, or what the point of playing one is*, then there's an excellent post (with some example mechanisms that are no in the tool I linked to) at Tiny Solitary Soldiers.

*Even if you plan to run a game with players, one use is that it gives you a chance to try out the game first, before inflicting it on others.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Superheroes To The South-West, Sir! Thousands Of Them!

In the comments to my post about the draft version of Clobberin' Time, Pete linked to a whole heap of files with stand-up paper figures. These cover superheroes and villains from Marvel, DC and independent comics (including Hellboy!), but also characters for a whole range of RPG genres and from various TV programmes. There's too much good stuff in there to even begin to list specifics, although the civilians, cops and various henchmen might prove useful - I'm short of those in my Heroclix collection and, whilst they might not be as nice as 3D figures, they will help fill the gap.

Anyway HERE'S THE LINK. Enjoy. And thanks to Pete for telling me about them.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Interesting Stuff - 09/04/2012

This blog has now passed 5,000 views!

And today I achieved a true HOTT rarity - a genuine drawn game. In a battle between Elves and Dwarves, the Dwarves lost their general (and more points than the Elves) on the same bound that their Sneaker captured the Elven Stronghold. So the Dwarves lost through casualties and loss of the general, whilst at the same time the Elves lost through their Stronghold being captured.

Also some painting; expect more WWII-style Giant Monster Rampages:

Nazi Robot - British Land-Ship

A round-up of odds and ends from other blogs and beyond that I found interesting.

Customising Lego Minifigs - A piece on The Brothers Brick about converting and painting Lego figures.

Alan Garner  - Apparently there's going to be a sequel to 'The Weirdstone Of Brisingamen/Moon Of Gomrath'.  It will be interesting to see if that gives me more things to add to the armies I have for those books.

The Internet Sacred Text Archive - An outstanding resource for anyone who likes to base their HOTT games on myths and legends.

Wargaming On A Fridge - Two ancient Chinese armies clash on a vertical battlefield. A great solution to the problem of finding space in which to wargame.

Shadows Of The Apt - HOTT lists for a set of books that, I have to confess, I'd not heard of before.

And finally:

Kaptain Kobold - Because there's a hero in all of us. Even if it's just a small plastic one.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Download HOTT (Update: You Can't - You Have To Buy It Now)

Version 2.0 of 'Hordes of the Things' is not that easy to get hold of these days. Fortunately WRG have very kindly made it available as a download, with the proviso that you take one copy for personal use only. You can get it, as a PDF, here:

HOTT Version 2.0

UPDATE (06/05/2014) - Link no longer works, since v2.1 of the rules was published.

It is just the rules - the army lists are not included. However some of the lists that were new to the edition can be found here - it's a page from Richard Bodley Scott's personal site which was used as part of the HOTT 1.0 revision process back in 2001:

HOTT 2.0 Proposed Changes And Lists

Finally, there is an unofficial errata for HOTT v2.0 - the changes only apply to army lists:

Page 46
In the Vendhya list alternatives, Behemoths are listed as 3AP. This should be 4AP.

Page 62
The following continues the Munchhausen list:

"himself out of a bog or riding underwater), Beasts (greyhounds) @ 2 AP, Behemoth (the very strong lumberjack) @ 4 AP, Magician (the wind maker) @ 4 AP, Shooter (the sharpshooter) @ 2 AP, Sneaker (the runner) @ 3 AP, Riders (Cossacks) @ 2 AP.

Opponents for von Muenchhausen. Stronghold: Camp.

Blade General (Sultan and bodyguard) @ 2 AP 1
Shooters (Janissaries) @ 2 AP 4
Riders (Turkish cavalry) @ 2 AP 4
Artillery (Turkish cannon) @ 3 AP 2

Alternatives: Behemoth (Elephant or mobile siege tower) @ 4 AP."

Update: It has been suggested that I mention the movement change for Shooters and Warband as well. After HOTT 2.0 was published it was felt that Shooters were still over-powered for their 2AP cost, whilst Warband were under-powered. a simple solution was to swap their movement rates - accordingly Shooters now move 200p and Warband move 300p. Note that these changes are not 'official', but seem to be universally accepted and have been used in most major tournaments since about 2004.

More Epic HOTT

Tyranid Exocrine
(c) Kaptain Kobold 2012
I had a trawl around the 'net looking for more stuff on Epic HOTT.

I found this post from the Wargame History blog, which has pictures and lists for a number of 24AP armies. The approach to classifying troops is different to the one I have used, so makes for a useful comparison.

There are two pieces I wrote for Jay's Solo Wargamer blog as well. They both cover Epic HOTT mini campaigns suitable for solo play - one features Orks, the other Space Marines. The latter includes the full rules for running the campaign, and it's a system which adapts well to other genres as well - a couple of months ago I  fiddled with a variant (Dux Bellorum) set in Dark Ages Britain, involving Arthur protecting his lands from marauding Saxons, Picts and Irish.

And that, it has to be said, seems to be it - as far as I can find. If anyone knows of any more sites, links or resources for HOTT using Epic 40K figures, then feel free to post them in the comments, and I'll include them here.

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