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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Swiss In The Outback

Apologies for the lack of activity here recently. We've had a lot on the go, partially with rehearsals for our forthcoming burlesque debut, but mostly with us going away for a week to the annual 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert' festival in Broken Hill on the far side of NSW. I'll be doing a post covering our return visit to the Mad Max Museum in the next couple of days, but firstly I thought I'd share some pictures of my gaming activity.

I took my Swiss DBA army on our road-trip, as well as the Ceidonians masquerading as Medieval Germans. I set up a game of DBA, with a Medieval German army facing the very earliest of the Late Swiss lists - so an action c1415.

The Swiss attacked, and inevitably the Germans went for an open field in order to maximise the effectiveness of their knights.

In fact there didn't really seem to be a compelling reason not to pile the knights straight in.

The results were mixed, but didn't favour the Swiss, who lost two blocks of blades in exchange for one element of German knights.

The Swiss fought back with a counter-charge.

But it was soon all over as the German knights pushed forward and rode the Swiss down. It was a quick game; it took me longer to get everything out of the car and set it up than it did to play.

Catherine fancied a game. Rather than spend a hot Friday afternoon teaching her DBA with armies that sometimes give a very one-sided game, we played HOTT, since she's familiar with that. We used the same armies - almost. The Ceidonians swapped a steam-tank into their army, whilst the Swiss substituted more blades and some mounted crossbowmen for the two DBA psiloi elements.

I took the Swiss, and defended.

The two armies advanced towards each other.

Swiss pikes met Ceidonian spears, whilst the tank drove back the Swiss halberdiers.

Catherine's knights prepared a charge up the hill into the main mass of Swiss infantry, who are less vulnerable in HOTT than they are in DBA.

The spears and pikes shoved back and forth, whilst the steam-tank pushed back the Swiss. Too far, in fact; the tank was surrounded and destroyed.

Catherine threw in the knights against a Swiss line somewhat disrupted by their attempts to destroy the tank.

The knights were repulsed, whilst Swiss blades turned the flank of the Ceidonian spear formations.

More knights fell, and the Swiss continued to roll up the Ceidonian line. The Swiss won a decisive victory: 12-0. It was too hot to play another game.

The Swiss had 4 x Spears (including the general), 7 x Blades and 1 x Rider. The Ceidonians had 4 x Knights (including the general), 4 x Spears, 1 x Shooter, 1 x Behemoth and 2 x Hordes.

Aside from DBA and HOTT, we spent several evenings in pubs in Silverton and Hay playing Fluxx, Love Letter and Exploding Kittens. But we always do that.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Medieval HOTT

Gary and I played a couple of games of HOTT last night. People have brought along their medieval DBA/HOTT armies, so that was the theme for the evening. In both games I used my Peter Pig 'classic' Arthurian army.

For the first game, Gary fielded a generic medieval setup, with a Knight lord and a small retinue, and a ton of peasant Hordes.

Gary's mob defended a hill, and I charged. I would have been rude not to.

Arthur and his trusted companions took the position of honour on the right, supported by Merlin. Merlin had a couple of goes at scaring off Gary's giant, but failed.

In the centre the lesser knights ploughed into and through the peasants. There was much slaughter.

Lancelot faces the giant.

The peasants were scattered, but Gary's lord had a seemingly endless supply of them.

(I brought Gary to the brink of defeat, then had two really bad PIP rolls and couldn't finish him off. He countered with two brilliant PIP rolls and pretty much brought back all of the Hordes he'd lost.)

Killing peasants no longer seemed a viable way of crushing Gary's army, so Merlin stepped in and, supported by some knights, took down the Lord himself for the victory.

In the second game Gary's lord decided to field no peasants, more knights and ...

... subcontracted a dragon for aerial support.

The dragon came on early. I pushed forward with my army, hoping to put pressure on Gary and make him spend PIPs on things other than moving the dragon. Merlin sat this battle out, being replaced by Galahad the Paladin.

The dragon ate one lot of knights, gobbled up Galahad and then went after Arthur himself. Arthur was having nothing of it, and lopped off the dragon's head.

Arthur and his heroes pushed forward.

Gary's Lord was pushed back almost to his stronghold, but his lesser knights came rushing to his aid. Arthur's knights found themselves pressed on all sides.

Foot soldiers cut down an other group of Camelot's finest to give Gary the win.

This was a closer game than the first. We went into what was destined to be the last round of combats with both of us 2AP away from breaking. Gary took down one of my knights, but a final combat could have seen his Behemoth recoiled off the back of the board, which would have broken his army as well, and edged me ahead by 2AP for a narrow win. Sadly I didn't manage the recoil.

Peter and Dave played DBA, using double-sized medieval armies. They used Burgundians and French. Dave picked up a win based, it appears, on Peter's appalling PIP and combat rolls.

I do like a nice game of basic 24AP HOTT.

Friday, 22 June 2018


On a cold winter's night there's nothing better than a couple of games of HOTT. So it's a good job I had a couple last night. I played Geoff, and he used my boring  bog-standard High Elves. I used The Spawn of Tiamat.

Here's the first game. I defended and did a weighted attack on Geoff's left.

It was a fairly quick game. Geoff's line of shooters and spears was a tough nut to crack, but a couple of lucky combats destroyed his archers, and then a second charge by the various elements I had classified as knights destroyed his spear general to win the game.

Geoff defended in the second game, and chose to run his mounted as riders rather than knights. I attacked his left again, and despite their position on the hill got an advantage over the Elven cavalry.

Meanwhile my chaotic beasts worked their way around his other flank, hiding in the woods to avoid the accurate Elven archery.

Unfortunately from that point onwards it all fell apart. Geoff had his Elf Prince hero in reserve, and took out my hero (Tiamat's consort, Qingu), before destroying my right flank.

His spear-line pushed forward, engaging Tiamat herself.

My beasts put up a valiant fight on my left, and Tiamat managed to ensorcell the enemy hero as well. Both armies were hovering on the verge of breaking, when Geoff lined up a fantastic set of combats and destroyed 7AP of my army in one turn, including Tiamat herself. With an undeployed dragon in my army, the 18AP I lost meant I had a single beast on the board. I think this is possibly the largest defeat I've eve had in a game of HOTT, although the 18-10 scoreline testified to a bloody game.

So, one game each. Not a bad evening.

Meanwhile others were playing Black Powder in 15mm, in preparation for a Waterloo game on Sunday.

And Gary and Caesar played Maurice -- Austrians and Ottomans.

Gary was trying out an experimental activation mechanism, using sub-commanders, which allowed multiple groups to activate during a turn. It looks like it was mostly successful, although the size of the game meant that they didn't finish the battle by the end of the evening.

Friday, 8 June 2018


I played HOTT last night for the first time in what seems like ages. Just a couple of games, but they really hit the spot in what's been a bit of a rough, stressful week.

Peter was my opponent in both games, and went for the 'Try a Dragon' option in both of them.

In the first game I used Prester John, attacking Daenerys Targaryen's ex-slaves and mercenaries. And dragons. Peter ended up with a couple of woods in his deployment area, which made his setup and command quite tricky.

The cream of both armies was on one flank. I attacked; knights and elephants led the assault, whilst wild warriors rushed to secure the woods.

The battle swung back and forth, but the Targaryen army got the worst of it, with mobs of freed slaves being cut down in the woods, and Prester John's knights riding down the Dothraki and the Unsullied. Then the dragons arrived.

Unfortunately they were too late to turn the tide of battle; another charge by the knights saw Daenerys's bodyguard cut down, forcing her to mount a dragon and abandon what was left of her army.

A rare win for Prester John (who actually took no part in the fighting).

In the second game Peter decided to give my Hawaiians a try. They are a tricky army, that only start with 14AP on the table - a total of six elements. The rest of the army consists of a god, a dragon and some lurkers, so the army relies on luck to get the best troops into play. I used my Fishmen - a force of spears supported by artillery, missile troops and a mighty sea-troll.

The core of the Hawaiian army - spears backed up by their hero king. In the woods are the rank and file warriors, classed as warband.

Pele the volcano goddess put in an early appearance. She watched the battle for a couple of turns, then got bored and went away.

The Fishmen closed on the Hawaiian centre whilst their missile-troops engaged the warband in the woods.

The Fishmen had dragged their artillery right across the battlefield, ready to take a pop at the Hawaiian general. Just as they got it into position the Mo'o (dragon) appeared and destroyed it.

The climax of the battle. The Mo'o attacked the flank of the Fishman army, whilst their troll attacked the Hawaiian stronghold. The troll died, but the spears held, and eventually ground down the Hawaiian troops to pick up a win.

Also on show last night was an AWI game put on by Ian, featuring 25mm figures and using the old WRG 1685-1845 rules.

American troops tried to hold a hamlet full of supplies against marauding British and Loyalist troops somewhere in South Carolina.

There were plenty of players, who were apparently obliged to communicate with each other by courier. Eventually the British prevailed in what looked like a very entertaining game.

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