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Monday, 15 October 2018

Cruel And Unusual Punishment

Mostly the prisoner-crews of Warden-sponsored cars can earn freedom in the arenas of Gaslands. But some prisoners have committed crimes so heinous that no mercy or pardon is possible*. They are simply sent into the arena as a form of execution. Maybe if they can win the race or entertain the mob, their families and loved-ones will receive a reward. That's all they can hope for.

I modelled and painted the cars for this team yesterday afternoon and evening. As you can see there's not a lot to them. The team consists of five prison-cars fitted with either a box of grenades or molotovs and the Powder-Keg perk. That's it.The cars have no colours and no names. Just a number. They may not have much in the way of combat power, but if you destroy one then you better make sure you're not too close, especially if one of the others is also within the radius of the almost inevitable explosion.

True Gaslands gamey gamers will quickly see that this team can, in theory, win the Saturday Night Live scenario in Gear Phase One of the first turn if they collide with each other with enough force to set of a chain reaction of explosions, each earning the team 3 Audience Votes.

Modelling Details: I picked five cars from my 'bland and boring' pile. I added metal-plate made from the waste rafts from my 3D printing. I painted them. That's it.

*Talking in the quiet carriage on the train, for example. Or wearing leggings as trousers. Or saying 'doggo and 'pupper'.

Friday, 12 October 2018

Another Gaslands Death Race

A member of our group was interested in trying Gaslands after his sons had played it at MOAB, so we gave it yet another go last night. We randomly determined a scenario using our D6 table which gives less emphasis to races and we got ... a race. But that's OK; a nice Death Race is a good way to learn. I gave Drew - the learner - the option of a simple Rutherford team based around fearsome forward firepower on two cars, or a simple two-car Idris team with fewer guns but faster, more controlled cars. He opted for the latter. The other teams were:

Dave - A couple of Slime cars; not heavily armed but good generalists.
Ed - A single rocket-festooned Rutherford helicopter.
Jason - A pair of Miyazaki buggy-sized rally-cars
Me - A Warden prisoner team, consisting of two cheap, nasty cars rigged to explode, and a badass ute with an excavator welded to the back.

Here we all are at the start. My first car has just moved. Yes, it's Max's V8 Interceptor. I forgot to bring one of the vehicles I'd intended to use and had to make a last-minute substitution.

This was the track - a tricky field involving weaving through lines of containers. I need to work out some pre-defined basic layouts to choose from, as after setup we worked out a few ways we could have made the circuit more interesting.

In a Death Race there is a dash for the first gate, as this is where a vehicle's weapons become active. Up until then only collisions - and rams - are allowed. Surprisingly everyone was very considerate and avoided colliding with their opponents. In the case of my vehicles it was because they were rigged to explode in an apocalyptic fireball if they were destroyed, so needed to be treated with caution.

There were some near-misses though.

Approaching Gate One.

Drew got one of his vehicles across the line, and then spun around, partially because the optimum route to the next gate was back the way he'd come but also because it meant he could bring his machine-gun to bear.

Drew's second car passed the gate, smashing into one of Jason's delicate rally-cars.

Ed's helicopter crossed the line and the carnage began, with its rockets dishing out damage on all sides. Helicopters in Gaslands can carry a decent payload, but can't take much in the way of incoming fire.

Intermission - a word from our sponsors ...

Ed's helicopter spun around and fired more rockets. This destroyed one car, which exploded, destroying another, which exploded destroying another ... and so on. Even the helicopter itself was almost shot down by one of the chain of explosions it caused.

My ute had been plodding slowly forward, and caught up with everyone just in time to receive a volley of rockets.

Drew and Jason had each lost both of their vehicles and were waiting to respawn, whilst I soon lost the ute and ended up in respawn territory as well (albeit with a serious pile of Audience Votes; viewers like seeing the Warden's team explode). Even Dave was wrecked.

As people got back into the running, Ed's helicopter did another attack run before being shot down (ready to respawn almost immediately).

We all struggled to reach Gate Two but kept taking damage and losing our vehicle, having to respawn them again and again.

We reached a point where there were no running vehicles left on the field, at which point we agreed to call it a five-way draw. We'd all had a great time even without a clear winner.

I rather liked the makeup of my team. The cheap Warden prison-cars make for great expendable vehicles, whilst the digger on the ute has a lot of potential as well, using the new Grabber-Arm weapon. However I am rather drawn to a team of five cheap prison cars with plenty of explosives on board. As each one dies it will damage and destroy opposition vehicles, but with five of them one is sure to outlive all of the other vehicles on the field.

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Arena of Death

We played more Gaslands on Thursday. I still haven't painted my terrain.

Anyway, I used a modified table for determining what scenario we'd play, which gave better odds for the non-race scenarios, whilst still making the Death Race more likely. We felt that this would encourage the design of teams that weren't just organised for racing on the basis that there's a better than 50% chance of the scenario being a race.

So we rolled and .. we got The Arena of Death!

This is a pure combat scenario. There are no respawns, so once a vehicle is destroyed it doesn't come back. And victory goes to the player who has the last functioning vehicle. That's it. Dotted about the field are gun-turrets which inflict a small, but annoying, amount of damage on anything that passes within a certain distance of them.

Vehicles start at various points on the edges. Caesar had an Idris team of two bikes and a car, built for a combination of speed and firepower. He was set up close to Jason's Mishkin team, featuring the obligatory experimental nuclear reactor.

I was trying out an interesting 50 can 'Last Of The V8 Interceptors' build from the Gaslands Facebook group. It seemed to have an interesting combination of abilities, although brutal combat isn't high on its list of capabilities.

Elsewhere Dave was running a couple of cars sponsored by Slime, and mostly equipped with hand-weapons, whilst Ed was running a Batmobile, sponsored by Idris and featuring a turret-mounted laser.

Jason pushed his big truck into the centre, whilst his car became entangled with Caesar's motorcycles.

He rammed one of Caesar's bikes, destroying it, but wiped out in the process, ending up facing Caesar's other bike. The ensuing, unavoidable head-on collision destroyed both vehicles, mainly since Caesar, seeing no escape for his bike, pushed it up to full speed before impact. Because this is GASLANDS!

I'd been playing it safe with the Interceptor, but came under fire from Jason's big truck, taking a fair bit of damage. I returned the favour with some cunning use of my ability to manage hazard tokens, and Jason wiped out.

Unfortunately I then decided that destroying a gun-turret by ramming would be a great idea. It wasn't.

Weakened, the Interceptor strayed into range of Caesar's rocket-armed car, and I was wrecked, putting me out of the game.

Having wiped out, Jason was slowly trying to get back into the action. Dave rammed him head-on, eliminating him.

Dave had played a quiet, safe game up to this point, but now Caesar an Ed were quietly cruising the edges of the table building up audience votes for their high-speed hi-jinks, and Dave went hunting for them.

Dave's red car engaged Caesar, but Caesar's rockets finished him off.

Meanwhile his other car was chasing Ed's Batmobile.

Some cunning use of audience votes, followed by a grenade attack, saw the Batmobile destroyed.

This left two cars in play - Dave's car loaded with pistol-armed lunatics with far too many grenades and molotov cocktails for their own good, and Caesar's rocket-armed performance car that was, by this stage, very low on ammo.

Caesar fired the last of his rockets, reducing Dave to his last hit. In this state Dave would actually accumulate audience votes fairly swiftly, thanks to his team's special Live Fast ability.

With no viable options left, Caesar rammed Dave, only needing to inflict one hit, and hoping that the collision damage on himself wouldn't be too excessive.

It wasn't. Dave crashed, and amazingly didn't explode (there was only a one in six chance of this). The explosion would have taken Caesar's car out as well, although in fact he would still have won as, for the brief moment before the explosion, he would have been Last Man Standing.

This was a fun scenario, even though it does leave players knocked out of the game, possibly from early on. We did forget one small rule to do with audience votes, which would have kept some players invested, a mistake we won't make next time.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

A Brace Of Mishkins

I completed these cars for Gaslands last week, and even used them in a game as well, but I thought it would be nice to show them off in their own blog post. They're the first 'team' I've done for the game; up until now I've just been doing generic vehicles and fitting them into the game's fluff. These were specifically designed with a Gaslands faction in mind - the super-science of Mishkin.

The weapon on this car is a piece from a printer-ink cartridge with a bead as the power-pack.

This is a Ramshackle bike. When cleaning it up it snapped off the base (a problem with resin), so I remounted it doing a wheelie, as it made the model more interesting.

The weapon was an addition; it's made from a cocktail stick, a piece of plastic tubing, some wire and some milliput.

I have two more vehicles on the painting table with the same colour-scheme, so together they should look quite impressive.

Friday, 21 September 2018

More Death-Racing

We played our first club game of Gaslands yesterday where each player brought their own vehicles. And, with one exception, they did their own designs as well. We also rolled for which scenario we would play (each scenario favours, or doesn't favour, particular team designs, so in their you need to optimise your builds). However the rolls are very much weighted towards the Death Race, and that's what we got.

We set up this circuit. (Sorry about the quality of photos; I'm still getting used to the camera on my new phone).

The starters. They were:

Jason, running two Miyazaki-sponsored cars.
Ed, running a single Miyazaki-sponsored monster-truck.
Dave, running two Slime-sponsored cars.
Caesar, running a car and two buggies, sponsored by Idris
Myself, running a bike and a performance car sponsored by Mishkin

Most of us made a clean getaway from the start-line. Caesar slipped up his activation sequence and ended up having his front-row Mini getting rear-ended by Dave's ram-equipped car. Dave sliced through the Mini, and then destroyed the wreck.

Ed's monster-truck and my performance car quickly got out in front.

Jason chased the monster-truck with an explosive ram, but ended up being destroyed by his own weaponry, whilst having little effect on his target.

I got through the first gate activating my weapons and leaving an inconvenient oil-slick for the other racers. Unfortunately I also wiped out, narrowly missing a shipping container.

With a lot of larger vehicles jostling off the start-line, I sent my vulnerable bike the long way around.

More vehicles approached the first gate, where their weapons would become hot.

As my car got back into the race (via reversing into a wall like a complete dill), Caesar brought his Freeway Fighter into action, and destroyed me with rockets.

My bike came into action at that point, damaging Caesar's car with a double-shot from its nifty laser-beam, before falling to a rocket attack from Caesar's surviving buggy.

Meanwhile the Freeway Fighter used more rockets on Ed's monster-truck, which ended up badly damaged.

Ed misjudged a slide, and the truck clipped an obstacle, taking just enough damage to destroy him, putting him out of the race for a turn.

Unfortunately the rest of us couldn't get ourselves organised to exploit Ed's brief departure. I got my car running again just long enough to fire one shot from its arc-lightning projector, before Caesar used more rockets to destroy it again. My shot did take out both Caesar and Dave's lead vehicles though.

Jason finally got a car across Gate 1, and launched a RC car-bomb at Dave's second vehicle, slightly damaging him.

In revenge Dave rammed Jason's car, setting off a trail of carnage that ended up with Dave navigating a field of wrecks.

Meanwhile Ed had got the monster-truck running again, and was so far ahead that we called the race in his favour.

This was a fun game, as no-one knew quite what everyone else would be using in advance. Ed made good use of the Miyazaki traits to dominate the racing, although was vulnerable to some extent to any vehicles that could get in a decent shot on him. Jason was unlucky with his early explosive-ram attack, that would have hampered Ed's chances before gate 1 had it done more damage. Caesar's rockets were deadly after the first gate. There's a lot of suggestion that, as a weapon-system, they're under-priced or over-powered, although their knock-on effects can cause unwanted chaos if not managed right. I was happy with my designs, which were packed with cheap, small weapon systems designed to trigger Mishkin's audience vote mechanism, whilst also making good use of the combat laser and the rather useful arc-lightning projector. My vehicles weren't built for a sustained rough and tumble though; I lost out when I failed to break away after the first gate with my performance car (due to wiping out), and also brought my bike into the race too early; I should have hung back a little more.

It would still have been nice to have a non-race scenario, though. Maybe next time  ...
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