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Saturday, 19 October 2013


I realised that I haven't shown you the few bits of loot I picked up at MOAB this year.

Aside from the Army Painter starter set I won in the HOTT tournament I picked up a couple of bags of random plastic bits from the bring and buy. I can't remember what was in each bag now, but they were a mix of various Clix and Clix-type figures.

My reason for picking up the bags in the first place were these three giant stompy robots, perfect for 'Giant Monster Rampage'. To be honest the two aren't quite humanoid enough for me, and may go under the knife, if only for parts ...

.. but this one is just what I've been looking for. Here he is with one of my Bandai Godzilla figures.

There were some smaller support troops with them. Probably too big for giant monster games (although the power-armour figures might make nice light mechs), but they may find homes in a Epic 40K HOTT army.

Here's some of the mixed figures, mostly from fantasy or horror games, although there's a Marvel Heroclix Man-Thing in there as well.

Some more odd 'things'.

And some very odd things.

Finally - this. What is this all about?

I also picked up another stompy robot - A Dystopian Wars Prussian robot. Again, it scales perfectly with Godzilla. Godzilla vs  Giant Teutonic Steampunk robot - what's not to like?

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