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Saturday, 26 March 2016

HOTT, Saga and Flames of War

Thursday night saw another session with three lively games on the go. I played 15mm HOTT with Geoff. I the first game I took Orcs against Dwarves (the kind with various team-devices - those Dwarves)

I attacked on both flanks - on one with Beasts and on the other with Riders, and saw both attacks shot down by Artillery and Shooters. Unable to make a breakthrough there I just launched an assault in the centre.

I lost 17AP. Geoff lost noting. It was a massacre. Songs will be sung in Dwarven halls for ever more.

Here are the pitiful remains of my army. On the plus side I didn't lose my general.

We then tried Daleks against UNIT. I advanced my Dalek line and Geoff's shooting was, once again, rather good. He even took out my Artillery with shooting.

I managed to get the Brigadier into a sticky situation. I then completely fluffed the combat, losing my general and the battle.

On one of the other table was a Flames of War game set in Italy. Impressive scenery, as ever, plus loads of burning tanks.

Caesar and Gary played Saga, and were obviously having a whale of a time, pitting Vikings against Jomsvikings. This is their second game, which saw them battling for control of a couple of bridges. The bridges threw out the colour-balance, which is why the pictures look dark and peculiar.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Nazis On Skaro

Once the Weird Nazis invented an inter-dimensional portal, the whole universe was at their mercy

"Skaro. That looks like a good place to invade", said Hitler one day (except that he would have said it in German with English subtitles. Or would have been dubbed.)

So an invasion force was assembled, and Skaro was invaded.

You can't go wrong with decent air-support.

Ah! Local inhabitants. How dangerous can they be?

They have air-support too. In fact the big saucer is the relay for ...

... their command centre!

The stage is set for a battle between the evil Nazis and the peace-loving inhabitants of Skaro. Scouts report that the inhabitants refer to themselves as 'Daleks'.

"Sounds Slavic," says Adolf. In German.

The Daleks have mercenaries, who move to occupy some rubble.

Meanwhile the Nazi air-force moves in on the Dalek right flank.

An aerial battle ensues. A Valkyrie holds off the Dalek anti-gravity platforms ...

... until the Flying Saucer comes in to assist, downing one of the Daleks.

The Valkyrie falls to the other Dalek, however, and the aerial battle continues. The Daleks had artillery support as well, but it's not pictured since it actually had no material effect on the battle.

Things got desperate for the Dalek's air units, but they held off the invaders.

Meanwhile on the other flank a Nazi Werewolf Battalion moved to attack the mercenaries. They were driven off.

The Dalek's Command Saucer entered the fight, outclassing the smaller Nazi saucer. Its shields were even proof against the dark sorcery of the Fuhrer himself.

An overview of the battle. The aerial engagement still dominated the centre. The Nazi airship played little part in the engagement.

The Nazis committed one of their Death's Head Battalions to the support the fight, but the Dalek's Command Saucer saw it off.

More casualties for the Nazis, as the Dalek's mercenaries finished off the werewolves.

The Nazi saucer was also shot down.

The Fuhrer sacrificed another virgin in order to power a magical assault on the Command Saucer, but still couldn't breach its defences.

A Nazi success - the horrific Demon Panzer clawed its way through some of the mercenaries, feeding on body and soul. Yum!

Unfortunately the Fuhrer was now surrounded and exterminated.

The main Dalek line was not engaged, and its only action was a small advance in order to pin Nazi troops and prevent them coming to the aid of their commander.

Skaro was saved from the rules of evil. The Daleks were free to live in peace.

I can't believe I hadn't fought a 'Hordes of the Things' battle between my Weird WWII Germans and the Daleks before. So this was it. The Nazis had a few chances at gaining an advantage early on, and Hitler's sorcery was dangerous enough to threaten the Dalek's command saucer a couple of times. So the battle could have gone either way - in the end the Daleks got the upper hand and the Nazis couldn't hold them.


Here are the army lists:

Weird WWII Germans

1 x Magician General (Hitler)
1 x Behemoth (Demon Panzer)
1 x Airboat (Airship)
2 x Flyers (Valkyrie and Flying Saucer)
2 x Warband (Death's Head Legion)
2 x Beasts (Werewolf Battalion)
1 x Lurker (Summoned Nasties)


1 x Airboat General (Command Saucer)
2 x Flyers (Daleks on Flying Disks)
2 x Shooters (Humanoid Mercenaries)
5 x Blades (Daleks)
1 x Artillery (Special Weapons Dalek)

Thursday, 2 July 2015

36AP HOTT Again

We tried some 36AP HOTT this evening, in advance of October's MOAB tournament which is probably going down that route. Simple setup - 36AP armies, but still one general, 1D6 PIPS and a 2' x 2' board (we are using 15mm figures). Would it work?

I knocked my Daleks into a 36AP army. Not really a combination I'd feel happy playing in a tournament though (although I have used them in the past) as the army I run has low mobility and striking power, relying on a long, slow grinding down of the enemy for a win. It's mostly Blades, backed up by some Artillery, aerials and Shooters.

I played Gary, who was using a Dwarven army with a similar structure to mine. Conceding the area of woods to him was a bad move, as it gave his Shooters a cover advantage over mine if I chose to engage them.

I attacked with the Blades (the ordinary Daleks) on my left; my aim was to engage his Blades in the long slog, whilst trying to take out his Artillery as well. My aerials were positioned in reserve (the Airboat flying saucer is the general as well), whilst the Artillery (Special Weapons Daleks) was positioned to prevent any sweeping moves by the Dwarves' ally giant or their bear-riding Hero.

The Artillery exchanged fire whilst the armies closed.

The Dalek attack goes in.

The Dwarven Hero posed impressively on a hilltop, having accounted for some of the Dalek army.

But he was shot down by the Special Weapons Daleks.

With the Hero gone it was safe to move the Command Saucer into a position to block the retreat of the Dwarf rank and file - which it did.

Gary made a valiant attempt to reorganise his line on the hill, and the Daleks were taking reasonable casualties, but a couple of bounds after this picture was taken they advanced on the giant and slew it with the aid of the saucer.

In another game Geoff used Barsoomians against an army of Evil Gong Squidmen and Elephantmen run by Dave, the man who designed the figures. I think the Barsoomians lost.

Caesar was using an Ancient Greek themed army with plenty of Behemoths and some wild warriors.

In their first game they made short work of JohnT's Wars of the Roses army.

They then went o to defeat Peter's Greek army, another force replete with monsters.

I think people enjoyed the format. Command and control is harder - you have more troops but the same PIPs, so you have to be more wary of breaking groups up. Also the armies deploy over a wider area, making command distance an issue. Deployment room didn't seem to be an issue, although the games took a little longer to play than a regular 24 P game which may be an issue for a tournament.

Bryan and Ralph played a small game of Hail Caesar

The figures are still being painted and based, hence the uncharacteristic unfinished look.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Dalek Invasion Of Barsoom

Catherine and I went to a business entrepreneurs' Christmas party at the University on Thursday night. This left us well-positioned to get to wargaming afterwards, albeit late and nicely plied with free food and drink. Rather than drop into the ongoing Blitzkrieg Commander games, we played HOTT - I had the armies in the crate I use to bring my stuff to wargaming, so was ready to go.

We made use of what was available - armies I'd been using over the last couple of weeks. We options for Daleks On Barsoom - Catherine took the evil pepper-pots, whilst I took the heroic forces of Gathol.

The Daleks defended - obviously the Gatholians were attacking one of their advanced bases.

I am married to this woman ...

Both sides had an aerial contingent - Gathol had two Airboats and a Flier, whilst the Daleks had two Fliers and an Airboat General.

The Gatholian general led his troops around the other flank - the Gatholians were hampered by a huge patch of bad going right in the middle of their deployment area.

Here are the two armies in the early stages of the game. The main Dalek force was in the centre, whilst their aerial troops covered one flank and the human mercenaries moved to occupy the Dark Area Of Bad Going on their left flank.

An aerial battle ensued. I had intended moving my Riders up in support, but lacked the PIPs, mostly because I had foolishly placed my general too far over the other side of the board.

Gathol fared badly, losing a Flier and an Airboat.

The Gatholian infantry entered the Dark Area Of Bad Going, to try and take out the mercenaries. Brisk fire kept them pinned down, and support from the Special Weapons Dalek didn't help either.

This needs to be in a film; Barsoomian Thoat riders fight Daleks - they actually rode one element down.

The Gatholian left came under extreme pressure, as a number of elements were caught in a no-recoil situation. Fortunately they all survived their combats

Dalek fire held off the Gatholians - again.  And it was also starting to cause casualties.

The end - flying Daleks board and overwhelm the last of the Gatholian airforce, to give the Supreme Beings Of The Universe another victory.

Gathol lost two Airboats, a Flier and two Blades. The Dales lost a Shooter, a Blade and a Flier.

I lost this through poor positioning of my general, which left me unable to fight effectively on the flank where I had a numerical advantage.

No More!
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