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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Comic Gong 2018

This is an entire post free of specific games stuff so if that's your only reason to read this blog, then it's probably best to move on.

Still here? Good.

Today was Comic Gong, which is Wollongong's free festival of pop-culture and nerdery, organised by the council through the public library service. As ever there was plenty of stalls, displays and events for all the family. There were even two miniatures companies selling their wares (although I didn't buy any). And, of course, there was cosplay. And, as you know, Catherine and I are partial to a little cosplay. 

In fact our costumes were the only ones I took pictures of. The photographic muse has deserted me recently for anything but blatant self-promotion, so that's all this post is; pictures of our cosplay.

But what a cosplay it was. Unlike previous years, when we have attempted specific characters, this year we decided to go for a theme. And the theme we went for was Star Trek. With a steampunk vibe. Yes, not original at all, but, surprisingly, something we could put together with very little effort using stuff we either owned or could borrow from our daughter. 

We put together our look, developing names for our character in the car on the way there.

Here's Catherine, as the logical Vulcan Sub-Commander Spanik.

She seems very stern and forbidding ...

... but is capable of a very unVulcan smile when prompted.

And do you like her Starfleet badge? I made us one each from layered card and small cogwheels from the steampunk accessories section of our local sewing and craft shop.

I took on the role of adorable red-shirt, Ensign Persano, whose name is derived from a very convoluted reference to something in the Sherlock Holmes canon. My cameo choker is also made from bits from the same craft and sewing shop.

The ray-gun was part of Catherine's Doctor Venus costume from a couple of years ago.

The belt was the only major item I bought specifically for the costume. It's the first cosplay I've done where I can actually carry my personal effects as part of the costume.

Even officers of the Steamship Enterprise need sustenance.

 More tea, Ensign?

The biggest thing to come out of it was that we met one of the senior photographers for our local paper, since she was obviously covering the event. She took our photos for the paper, of course, but whilst she took them we chatted and she wants to try and put together a story or photo-essay on Catherine and myself with regard to my crossdressing and how it's part of our life. We're quite excited by this; it's something about which people make a lot of assumptions and which is very misunderstood, and it's nice to be given an opportunity to maybe change the way people think, and do some good.

Update: Bonus picture of the two of us together.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Supanova 2017

Catherine and I have just got back from Supanova in Sydney, an annual expo of all that is good and nerdy. Aside from the obligatory cosplay, there are artists, guest from the world of film, TV, comics, video games and beyond, traders selling all kinds of goodies and ... more cosplay. There's even some games.

The expo has expanded from previous years, moving into a second hall at the Sydney Olympic Park site. This also had the effect of opening up a large outdoor space within the ticketed area as well, which meant there was a lot more space to move, breathe and to take photos. A great improvement.

I didn't take as many photos as I should have done, and what I did take were all cosplay. Here's some individual outfits which caught my eye.

I loved this classy Snow White look. If I did Snow White I'd want a frock like that.

Marvel Girl is on my to-do list as well, but I certainly won't carry it off as well as this. I had a nice chat with her about where she got the boots. 

This Lego Batman was a highlight.

But I think this was my favourite single costume - The Thing.

The bravery award went to Ultra Boy and his skimpy outfit.

This was my favourite group. Simple but effective.

And here's the obligatory Disney princesses (plus Peter Pan). One of the many groups of Disney princesses (including the one my daughter was part of). I took a photo of this one because one of the ladies had come as Megara (from Hercules) and I don't think I've ever seen her done before. The photo doesn't show it, but her hairpiece was magnificent (you'll have to look up a side view of the original character to see what she was aiming for, and achieved).

 Once again Catherine and I did Jessica Jones and Kilgrave (but not in that order). We hoped we'd get more recognition than we did at Comic Gong back in May. We didn't, really. I think most people thought I was just a transvestite on a day out, which strictly is true, but wasn't the only effect was going for. And certainly wasn't true for Catherine who went full purple and watched a 20 minute tutorial on how to do hair like David Tennant's.

I say we didn't get much recognition; we did get asked for photos by one of the professional photographers who do the rounds at these events; the first time this has happened in the four years we've been going.

We trawled a lot of stall, had a great time chatting to random strangers, and bought very little; some cheap steampunk goggles because ... well, always useful, and a few prints. But we had a fantastic day and will be back there next year with new costumes.

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Comic Gong 2017

I noticed that I haven't blogged about Comic Gong much since the first event was held, back in 2013. Comic Gong is Wollongong's one-day festival of comics, popular culture and nerdery in general. It started off as a small event held in an outlying library, but proved so popular that in 2014 it was moved to the town hall, and covers that building, the main city library and the art galley, as well as the plaza which connects the three venues.

The best thing about it? Its free! It's run by the local council and mostly organised by the library service.

And it attracts an excellent crowd of people, all of who seem to enjoy themselves. There are various events and displays during the day, you can meet local artists and buy your basic nerdy stuff.

Ex Manus Studios attend every year, selling their small, but lovely, range of figures. I have a few (unpainted) in my collection.

And there is, of course, cosplay.

Ariel is Tess, one of my daughter's friends. You'll see them together later. Apparently she and Ursula spent the rest of the day avoiding each other, because if they met up they were accosted by crowds of children wanting to have their picture taken with the pair.

My favourite outfit, purely because I love that handmade skirt.

And my favourite cosplay - George R R Martin with the Death Note book.

Did I cosplay, you ask? Certainly I did. Catherine and I paired up this year. She channelled her inner David Tennant and went as as the mind-controlling Kilgrave ...

... whilst I portrayed his nemesis, Alias Investigations private eye, Jessica Jones.

Sadly we didn't get any really good pictures of ourselves, but we'll be repeating these cosplays at Supanova in June, so hopefully we'll do better then.

However the featured cosplay for this blog is our daughter Maya's - Tinkerbell.

She made the dress and props herself, as well as modifying the wig and shoes. Her friends went as Aerial and Belle (seen here with one of the Comic Gong organisers as Jane Jetson).

Needless to say she was popular with little girls wanting to have their picture taken with her. And she lapped up the attention. (That's not a little girl; it's her friend Makayla)

Anyway, she looked fantastic.

As I said, we'll be off to Supanova, we hope, so there may be more of these costumes in another post.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Supanova and Clobberin' Time!

I was stupidly busy this weekend, with Supanova on Saturday and the Waterloo refight on the Sunday. But I did find time to pull together the various notes I'd been making regarding changes to the current draft edition of Clobberin' Time.

Some of the changes have been tested and, I'll freely admit, some of them haven't. But I have been excited to discover, in recent weeks, at least two other people playing these rules, and they have suggested ideas which I thought were worth introducing into rules and putting out there for further testing and discussion.

Draft 0.3 of Clobberin' Time is now available on my FREE STUFF page. In it you will find improved rules for lifting and throwing, new rules for knockback, optional rules for making use of the Jokers in activation and for engaging multiple targets and a number of new abilities - Boost, Regeneration, Tactics, Heavy and more. Get into that phone-booth, ditch your everyday identity and fight some villains. It's Clobberin' Time!

I mentioned Supanova above as well. Catherine and I had a grand day out there on Saturday, but I ended up taking no photos aside from our own cosplay.

Here's Catherine as Fireball XL5's Dr Venus:

And here I am as Crack Comics' 1940, Madam Fatal - Maybe a sweet little old lady ...

Possibly a daring crimefighter ...

But definitely a dedicated transvestite!

Now we've got to start thinking about costumes for next year.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Forgotten Heroes

I don't post a lot of painting and modelling stuff on this blog. This is for two reasons. The first is that this is a blog for wargaming; I'd rather document what I actually do with my toys, as opposed to explaining how I put the toys together in the first place. The second reason is that, on the whole, I don't do a lot of painting and modelling.

However I came across the Forgotten Heroes challenge the other day, and foolishly decided to give it a go.

Here's the blurb from the BLOG set up to run it:

"Whilst there are a vast array of official Marvel and DC superhero and supervillain figures, both in metal and plastic, available AND various unofficial miniatures of both the big two’s characters and other heroes/villains, there will always be that little hole in your collection for a particular favourite or obscure character that they just don’t make. And that’s what Forgotten Heroes is about.

During the month of June, Jez* and I are inviting you to join us in creating/converting an existing figure into a costumed superhero or villain of your choice, from any source (be that Comics, TV, Film, Adverts, Toy lines, Novels; basically anywhere you can think of). The rules, such as they are, are quite simple.
  • The character you create must not yet have had an official or unofficial miniature made for it. 
  • The figure must be in 28mm scale. 
  • The figure must be completed during the month of June. 
  • In your first post, you should provide a bit of detail on the character you’ve chosen and why. 
And that’s it basically. It can be as simple as repainting a DC Heroclix Blue Beetle as Marvel’s Goldbug, to as elaborate as converting a GW Imperial Guard Commissar into Marshal Law.

As there are a vast number of costumed heroes and villains out there (the Leopard of Lime Street, the Private Eye, the Savage Dragon, Megamind, Mr Incredible, Thermoman, Green Cross man, the list goes on and on), the only question you have to ask yourself is this – Who will be your Forgotten Hero?

We’re announcing it now, to give you time to gather your thoughts and the necessary figure ripe for conversion. It’s open to all, just let me know if you want to join in and I’ll make sure links to your blogs are posted on here whilst it’s going on.

So it just remains for me to say thanks to Jez, for a) coming up with this idea and b) letting me pinch the above from his blog. So come on why not join the fun, you know you want to.

Cheers Roger.

And one update to the rules from The Miniatures Page:

"There has a been a slight 'rules' update in respect of who you can create, namely you CAN create a hero or villain who has already had an official or unofficial figure made, PROVIDING you don't use this figure to create your own.

This is for those who want a particular hero or villain, but are unhappy with the versions made so far. Don't like version of , now's the chance to make the "definitive" version! It's like an online version of a multi-company crossover event, without having to buy every single issue! And you KNOW you've always wanted a 28mm Hypno-Hustler…

Now obviously it's possible that I could take a whole month just to get around to doing a simple repaint of a figure, so that may be all I do, But I have made the effort to come up with a few ideas, some, or all, of which I will implement during June, opting for a quantity over quality approach to the challenge. I'll post my initial entries closer to the date, of course.

Obviously I'm posting this here so that you can think about having a go. If I know my loyal reader is attempting the same challenge, I won't feel so bad about submitting my own, paltry, efforts.

One thing I do promise is that I will post at least one game featuring any figures I do produce. I'm making toys for playing games with here, and I intend to play games, not just make ropey eye-candy. although, that said, the only reworked Heroclix in my collection - Captain Britain's arch-foe The Fury - is still waiting for that elusive first game. But then how do you even begin to use The Fury?

June also sees the annual Supanova event in Sydney, and once again my wife and I will be inflicting our ropey, cheapass cosplay on the event. But we trialled it the other week at Wollongong's Comic Gong, going as characters so obscure that even a cosplay website had to look them up.

Here we are:

Catherine is Dr Venus from Gerry Anderson's 'Fireball XL5'. I dug deep into comic history and emerged in 1940 to portray Madam Fatal - seemingly a harmless little old lady, with a penchant for beating up criminals wherever she finds them, but in reality a retired actor in a very convincing, long-term and somewhat dubious (for the time), disguise.

If I can find a suitable base figure in time, perhaps I should produce a Madam Fatal miniature.

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Cancon 2016

I popped down to Canberra yesterday for Cancon 2016, mostly for the blogger meet, but also just to see what else was going on.

The day didn't start well. part of the way there, on a particularly tricky bit of road on which it is pretty much impossible to stop, I suffered a migraine. I got safely to a place I could stop, and let it pass off for half an hour or so, then felt well enough to continue - sometimes they can knock me out all day, other times I'm fine once my vision clears.

I got to the exhibition centre. It was hot and busy

In this hall there were lots of boardgames being played.

Even by elves.

I wandered round both halls; there are two,both the same size. There were plenty of tournaments for various games, but I didn't see much in the way of participation games. At least, not obvious ones. I wasn't invited to take part in anything. I saw a few demo games covering a range of historical periods. But despite watching some of them for a while no-one taking part offered any explanation of the game, or tried to engage with me (the viewing public). That's pretty bad; a show demo game isn't just a chance to play a game all day with your mates - it's supposed to be a performance and it's supposed to involve engaging with the audience.

I actually found the non-gaming stuff of more interest - Cancon has a lot of general geekery, since it's not specifically a wargames show, but more devoted to games in general and the culture which surrounds all of them. This stall did geek-themed cake decoration.

These ladies were just there for the day, both members of the Jane Austen Society. One of them was certainly a non-gamer and was chaperoning her children who were playing boardgames. They decided to spend the day making and sewing bonnets, and set up a delightful table with tea and cakes to enjoy doing it at.

There was a fair amount of costumes and cosplay going on at the event actually, making me realise that I could be doing better than jeans and t-shirt the next time I go.

Anyway, after another migraine (two in one day is unprecedented; two a year is more normal), I eventually found a game to play.

This is basically Russian Roulette; you draw cards from the deck, hoping not to draw the Exploding Kitten cards, which knock you out of the game unless you can defuse them with one of the cards in your hand. Most of the rest of the play involves either getting hold of the defuse cards, finding out where in the deck the exploding kitten cards are, or avoiding drawing from it whilst making other players draw as much as possible. We played with the special NSFW version of the cards.

Anyway, I enjoyed it enough to buy a set.

As for the blogger meet, several of us did manage to meet up and puts faces to blogs. I managed to not take any photos, but Paul of The Man Cave got a group-shot, so hopefully he will post the evidence in the next few days.
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