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Sunday, 25 December 2016

And A Happy Christmas To You!

Christmas Day is drawing to a close here in Australia. It's been a fun day; windy but hot and sunny and spent in the company of family. My son has changed jobs, and starts work with a radio station here in Wollongong next week, so he drove up from the Snowy Mountains on Christmas Eve and will be staying with us until he sorts out somewhere to live locally. It meant that he's staying with us on what would otherwise have been our first Christmas without him; an unexpected bonus.

Of course the main points of these posts on a wargames blog are these:

(i) What gaming-related goodies did I get as presents and

(ii) What games did I play

Well, I got a Lego Avengers game for our Playstation, and some more cars for Machinas. And that was about it in terms of games-related stuff. But see below.

In terms of actually playing things, we had a go at Maya's 'Betrayal at House on the Hill', which she got for her birthday last month but which we hadn't had chance to try out. It's a kind of co-operative game in which investigators explore a creepy old house. But at some point things suddenly change and one of them betrays the group in one of fifty or so random ways, shifting the game into a fight between the traitor and the other players. In our game I was the 'traitor', being bitten by a werewolf and becoming one myself, hunting the rest of the group through the house as they desperately tried to cast silver bullets and find a revolver to use them with. They failed as, one by one, I turned them into werewolves or ripped them limb from limb.

It's a nice-looking game, with pre-painted figures and geomorphic tiles for the house.

As I said above, I didn't get much in the way of games stuff, but I did get some slippers, which Catherine had knitted for me.


Weep with envy! Are they not fine?

But I wasn't the only one who contrived to look amazing this Christmas. Christmas Eve is Catherine's birthday, and we always go out and try to do something nice on the day, instead of having the whole thing buried under Christmas activities. Often we fail, because places that say they are open on Christmas Eve decide not to be on the day. This year we weren't disappointed though. This year we went to the gorgeous Chinese Garden of Friendship in Sydney. The garden itself is a treat worth visiting, and we had lunch there and enjoyed the ambience. But in one of the pavilions which dot the garden is a costume hire service where you can rent traditional Chinese costumes (for a mere $10!), and walk the gardens in them, taking photos and bemusing people who weren't aware it was an option.

So my wife got to spend the afternoon of her birthday flouncing around as a princess. So did my daughter:

And I know what you're asking. The answer is, yes. I did. But, for once, I will spare you the evidence.

I hope you all had, or are having, a great Christmas. Let me know how it all went, eh?

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas Is Coming

So, what game-related goodies do you have coming from Father Christmas this year?

After reading a number of favourable reviews and knowing that it plays to my desire for quick, simple games, I'm getting a copy of Neil Thomas' 'One Hour Wargames'. I'm hoping it lives up to expectations, but even if it doesn't I'll have something to read whilst the roast is cooking.

I also have some Napoleonic ships on the way from Navwar. My recent games, and rebasing, have given me a chance to evaluate my collection and I have highlighted a few gaps, mostly in the area of frigates, although my French are also short of 74s. So I braved Navwar's archaic, paper and post order system, and bought some goodies from the UK. Unfortunately they will probably arrive as rapidly as the full-sized vessels took to get from there to Australia. I can't see them dropping anchor under our Christmas tree ready for the big day.

Of course there may also be game-related surprises on the way, but I doubt it. Our family has reached the stage where we pretty much organise our own presents now, with a few minor surprises thrown in just to make the whole thing worthwhile.

I plan to fit in some games over the next few days though. Once my wife's birthday (Christmas Eve) and the main day are out of the way.

How about you? How gamey is your Christmas?

I leave you with the current state of our nativity scene.

We have a Lego Star Wars advent calendar this year. Can you tell?

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas Loot

Somehow I managed not to play any games over Christmas. I'm not sure how that happened, although the fact that I spent three days just unwinding from the last few months at work (for 'unwinding' read 'sleeping') probably didn't help. And then I spent most of the remaining time doing family stuff, rediscovering the pleasures of building with Lego and making very poor-quality animations involving our chickens. The usual stuff.

Still, it's traditional on a blog to post about the loot you get at Christmas. Well, to be honest I didn't get much in the way of games-related things. Just one thing actually - enough Peter Pig Green Martians to do another HOTT army:

At the rate I paint you can expect to see these completed sometime in 2024. Somewhere I have some Black Hat ten-legged Martian dogs, which would make a nice Beast element for this army.

Aside from that I got some nerdy goodies. A history of Lego minifigures:

I also got a couple of Doctor Who bits. The t-shirt was nice, but even better were these slipper-socks that my lovely wife made for me:

The best thing is
That I have got
Tardis socks
And you have not :)

The children got (and loved) Tardis themed fingerless-gloves and a hat. It may be summer here, but we're already geared up for winter. My wife didn't get any Doctor Who themed stuff, but has now joined my son and I in the ranks of onesie-owners with this fetching cat look:

And that was it really. My wife also got me  a new handbag (big enough for the camera and all the other stuff I port around when I'm out and about in girl-mode), plus a frock I'd been eyeing up for ages. And pfeffernüsse - lots of pfeffernüsse. I like pfeffernüsse.

Now I need to play some games.

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