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Saturday, 4 October 2014

MOAB - The Saturday

It's the October Long Weekend, and that means MOAB!

Although my usual contact with MOAB is the HOTT competition on the Monday - which I will be doing again this year - last year a couple of us put on some gladiatorial games and chariot-racing, and we did it again this year.

We ran several games of Munera Sine Missione. Despite attracting newcomers to the game we actually used a few advanced and optional rules, but no-one seemed troubled, and everyone seemed to have a good time

Victor ran a game of Jugula, which was enjoyed by a couple of player - one of them enjoyed it so much he ran another game for other people later in the day. I have to say that I was less impressed with it, but it's really a card-management game masquerading as a gladiatorial combat game.

We finished the day off with a chariot race, using my Celtic chariots rather than the more traditional Roman ones. Same rules, just different playing pieces. Good fun was had by all. In these pictures I'm in the lead. I actually finished fifth.

Thanks to Victor for doing the real organisation; I just turned up with figures and played games all day.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Epona's Great Big Grassy Mound

Sometimes you hang onto random things you buy at wargames shows just because you know that one day you'll use them ...

I have no idea who makes this small resin hill with a white horse carved into it, but it's now part of my course- and lap-tracking tool for Celtic chariot racing. The small object on the bottom left is a 6mm horseman (whose base needs doing) which will act to indicate where on the track the chariots are. On the right-hand side you can see dots I can use to record the lap (One, Two and Three). The hill was mounted on a balsa base textured with sand, and then painted in various shades of green after having the corners rounded off. I scraped the markings into the sand and then painted them, and the horse, in my best white paint. Easy.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Rites Of Spring

So what better way to celebrate Spring than a chariot race? Charioteers from six British tribes have travelled to to Salisbury Plain to honour the new season. Here they are, lined up and ready to go.

This was my first six chariot race using 'Charioteer!' from Two Hour Wargames. I took a white chariot, and went for a Savvy of 3, Speed of 4 and Strength of 2. My plan, such as it was, was to sit at the back for the first lap, perhaps moving up to a strong fifth or fourth if I could, then shift up a couple of positions in the second lap, aiming to be third by the start of the final lap. With a good speed I could run well on the straights, and just hoped to survive the corners. By the end of the second lap I hoped that the field would have thinned out a little as well; by then at least one chariot would have been forced out of the race.

The other chariots were mostly on a par with mine, aside from the Blue and Yellow ones, who both rolled well, and were both skilled and fast.

The race began, and we entered the first straight. Green took the lead, followed by Yellow, Blue, Red, Grey and with me bringing up the rear.

Immediately Yellow challenged for the lead, but Green jostled him away

Red slipped up into third place, past Blue ...

... and I decided that fifth place was where I wanted to be, and overtook Grey. This was the position at the end of the first section.

Along the first straight we went. I chose not to challenge this time, sit behind the chariot in front and build up bonus dice. Once again Yellow attempted to pass Green, but Green blocked him. However he got greedy, and attempted to whip Yellow back into place. The exchange startled Green's horse-team, and Green slipped back into second place.

Blue overtook Red, whilst Grey tried to overtake me on the inside, but failed.

The position at the end of the second section of track. All of the chariots bar mine seemed to be burning bonus dice. I felt confident that as long as I could hold position I could win this.

We sped into the first curve, and Grey tried to pass me again, using his whip. A bad move - I rolled well, and took it from him, forcing his chariot back and causing him to lose speed.

Blue passed Green on the corner, leaving this as the position as we entered the second straight of the lap.

There were a lot of passing attempts down the straight, but the positions didn't change. And all of the chariots were still racing.

We hit the second lap, and still the positions didn't change. This was now when I needed to start moving up the field a little. In the first straight section of the second lap I tried to overtake Red and move into fourth place.

Red kept fighting me off, doing it in both straight sections. My plan was not going well. The other chariots stayed in the same positions.

Into the second corner of the second lap, and I was still in fifth place. Grey sped up on the inside, and suddenly I was last again.

Meanwhile Blue took the lead, when Yellow's horses were startled and he lost ground.

Into the second straight of the second lap, and I managed to get past Grey to move into fifth position again. I had a lot of work to do, though.

The third and final lap! On the curve I decided to gamble and swung out to overtake Red ...

... successfully! Fourth place!

Along the first straight and I tried to pass Green, but couldn't. Yellow took the lead again, but now the three chariots in front were low on bonus dice, and I wasn't.

Further along the straight, and Green tried to pass Blue, but was bashed back.

This was enough for me. As Green fell back I surged forward, overtaking him to move into third place.

This was the position as we rounded the final corner and headed into the home straight. Blue and Yellow were both strong chariots, but in fact the special events were starting to take their toll on their horse teams, who were tiring.

I wasn't strong on the corners, though, and Green took advantage of this to retake third place.

Grey tried to overtake Red, but was badly repulsed in a whipping attack, and left at only 1 Speed.

The home straight, and I needed to be bold. I had two sections in which to move up three positions if I wanted to win. I resolved to take second place by the end of the first one.

Green was easily passed. Blue would be trickier though, as it was my second challenge of the turn, and I was passing wide.

I did it! And still had a bonus dice to spare. One section of track remained, and I was in second place. Victory was in sight.

There was more bashing and whipping at the back, but still no chariots had been lost.

The run for the finish ...

... and most of the chariots decided to sit tight behind the one in front.

Blue was sat behind me. Close behind. Too close. As I prepared to make my move, we collided ...

... and I was out, my chariot flipping right down the track to finish in front of Grey. Grey avoided the wreckage.

My charioteer was killed instantly.

Yellow sped across the line unopposed, followed by Blue.

I could have won! I could have been a contender! If only that pesky Blue chariot had been more careful.

It was interesting playing a game with that many chariots, although the die rolls gave a fairly unaggressive game with a low casualty rate. I was rather hoping that at least one opposing chariot would have been wiped out before the last lap, making my job easier. I didn't expect the only casualty to be me.

The spectators are from Irregular Miniatures, by the way - camp and market scenes.
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