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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Cancon 2018

Yesterday I headed down to Canberra for Cancon 2018. It's nice to go down to look around the games and stalls and chat to random people, but these days I go down for the annual bloggers' meetup as well. Only three of us managed it, but here we are. That's me on the left, Millsy of Canister and Grape in the centre and Barks of Wargaming with Barks on the right.

We met up again in the evening for food and drink, and a better chat, covering issues as diverse as the history of the Boxer Rebellion and domestic chickens as apex predators.

Cancon has now grown into three halls, which gave a lot more space and also made each hall a lot cooler than they seemed to be from previous years. Especially good was the extra space for the bring and buy.

There was, indeed, tons of stuff to be had on the bring and buy, but I confess I only saw one thing which excited me; an enormous pile of 54mm plastic ACW toy soldiers, including infantry, cavalry and artillery. All unpainted, but just the kind of toy soldiers you wouldn't paint. Of course they were in the category of Awesome, But Would I Use Them?, so I hesitated. They were still there at the end of the day, unsold. I resisted. But I was staying overnight and, whilst I had no plans to go to Cancon for a second day, I decided that I had to drive past on my way home, so I'd pop back in and see if they were still there. If they were then I was meant to have them. It would be fate.

They weren't. I don't know if they sold or not. If they didn't, and they're yours; I'd like to buy them.

I found little else to excite me on the other trade stands either, although I'm on a tight budget these days and also trying to resist buying stuff that I know I'll never paint (on the grounds that I currently loathe painting with a passion). Here's my loot:

This will fit right in with my giant monsters.

This? It's a Reaper Bones figure, but I have no idea what I'll use it for.

More Reaper Bones. They were going for a dollar each, so I picked them up on the grounds that if I ever do paint any more figures they can join my Mantic Elves.

This little beauty might be worth a quick hate-paint; he'd fit right in with my Battlesworn Dwarf warband.

I also picked up this delightful little family game.

It's a game of dexterity and a kind of reverse Jenga with elements of Uno. You have to rid yourself of a hand of roof cards by building a high building which obviously becomes more and more stable as the game progresses. Scaling the building, in a quest to fight petty crime, is Rhino Hero, who is strong, clever, brave and, sadly, very heavy. He's a wooden piece who sometimes gets moved from one roof tile to another, requiring a steady hand and a stable building. 

Catherine and Maya were keen to play it when I got home today. So we did.

Maya won the first couple of games mostly, it has to be said, by virtue of going first and none of us having quite got the knack of the (admittedly simple) card-play.

(You can just see Rhino Hero on the second level from the top if you look closely)

After a couple of games our building skills got more impressive.

This was one of the highest buildings we managed.

Sadly Rhino Hero hadn't thought to track down corrupt building inspectors, and his crime-fighting efforts initiated a disaster (with Maya's help).

There are two sizes of this game. I got the smaller one, because it has great pub potential for when we go away. Look out for Rhino hero coming to a rural NSW pub near you!

Returning to Cancon, I did have an issue with the handful of demonstration games. I visited each one, and stood quietly watching them, or looking at what was on display. I chose not to speak to anyone, but not a single person at the tables took the time to speak to me. Guys, the point of a demo game isn't to spend the day playing with your mates. It's to engage and communicate with the other people at the event. I'd like to see more of that next year.

Anyway, that's Cancon done for another year. As you can see I took the step of attending as the lovely Rachel, which was a first for me for any wargames event. Whilst I seem, and am, very confident about such things, it was still a big step, but one I'm quite happy to do again. 

A big thank-you to John and Cathy for putting me up for the night, as well as everyone else for simply putting up with me.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Cancon Aussie Bloggers Meetup

In previous years to this one, Paul of the Man Cave has organised an Aussie bloggers meetup at Cancon on the Saturday. Sadly it appears that he won't be able to make it this year, but would people still be interested in getting together just to say Hi and compare loot? It's a chance to appear in the most prestigious Australian wargames photographic event of the year - The Cancon Rogue's Gallery.

Here are previous years' pictures, courtesy of Paul's blog.

In previous years some people have got together in the evening for food and drink as well, but I'm not sure my organisational capabilities are up to that. However it's an option.

So how about it? Is anyone but me up for a meet on Saturday 27th January?

Monday, 19 December 2016

Aussie Bloggers Meetup - CanCon 2017

In 2016, this happened:

And in 2017 it's going to happen again:

The details  are as follows (courtesy of The Man Cave):

1:00pm - Initial meet-up in the Board Games section in the Northern Hall at CANCON to say g'day, check out respective loot bags and plan for any shared afternoon shenanigans.

6:00pm(ish) - Pub dinner and extended tall story session.

This year I'm planning on not having a migraine.

See you there?

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Cancon 2016 - Blogger Meetup Photo

And here it is, courtesy of Paul of The Man Cave - the Cancon bloggers meetup photo.

You can read more about the blogger meet shenanigans HERE

Cancon 2016

I popped down to Canberra yesterday for Cancon 2016, mostly for the blogger meet, but also just to see what else was going on.

The day didn't start well. part of the way there, on a particularly tricky bit of road on which it is pretty much impossible to stop, I suffered a migraine. I got safely to a place I could stop, and let it pass off for half an hour or so, then felt well enough to continue - sometimes they can knock me out all day, other times I'm fine once my vision clears.

I got to the exhibition centre. It was hot and busy

In this hall there were lots of boardgames being played.

Even by elves.

I wandered round both halls; there are two,both the same size. There were plenty of tournaments for various games, but I didn't see much in the way of participation games. At least, not obvious ones. I wasn't invited to take part in anything. I saw a few demo games covering a range of historical periods. But despite watching some of them for a while no-one taking part offered any explanation of the game, or tried to engage with me (the viewing public). That's pretty bad; a show demo game isn't just a chance to play a game all day with your mates - it's supposed to be a performance and it's supposed to involve engaging with the audience.

I actually found the non-gaming stuff of more interest - Cancon has a lot of general geekery, since it's not specifically a wargames show, but more devoted to games in general and the culture which surrounds all of them. This stall did geek-themed cake decoration.

These ladies were just there for the day, both members of the Jane Austen Society. One of them was certainly a non-gamer and was chaperoning her children who were playing boardgames. They decided to spend the day making and sewing bonnets, and set up a delightful table with tea and cakes to enjoy doing it at.

There was a fair amount of costumes and cosplay going on at the event actually, making me realise that I could be doing better than jeans and t-shirt the next time I go.

Anyway, after another migraine (two in one day is unprecedented; two a year is more normal), I eventually found a game to play.

This is basically Russian Roulette; you draw cards from the deck, hoping not to draw the Exploding Kitten cards, which knock you out of the game unless you can defuse them with one of the cards in your hand. Most of the rest of the play involves either getting hold of the defuse cards, finding out where in the deck the exploding kitten cards are, or avoiding drawing from it whilst making other players draw as much as possible. We played with the special NSFW version of the cards.

Anyway, I enjoyed it enough to buy a set.

As for the blogger meet, several of us did manage to meet up and puts faces to blogs. I managed to not take any photos, but Paul of The Man Cave got a group-shot, so hopefully he will post the evidence in the next few days.

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Bloggers Assemble!

Yes, Bloggers Assemble!

Well, if you're an Australian blogger. Or one who is in Australia at the end of January 2016.  Why? Because there's a meetup planned at Cancon, on 23rd January. Yes, your chance to put faces to pen-names. Your chance to see fellow bloggers in 3D.

Who would miss an opportunity like that?

I'm hoping to be there. That's reason enough to go, surely?

Anyway, according to Paul of The Man Cave, who seems to be organising it, we'll be meeting at 1pm by the board-games in the Northern hall.

Spread the word!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Cancon 2013

This weekend was the annual Cancon convention in Canberra - one of Australia's biggest wargames shows, if not the biggest.

I popped in on Saturday morning, and stayed for an hour.

That's not to say that there wasn't plenty to see or do - I just had things I wanted to do in Canberra that didn't involve spending the day in a huge convention hall with a thousand other wargamers.

First, the loot. There wasn't much I bought some paints. Our local games shop has been a bit slack on paints recently, but I got the colours I wanted at Cancon. At a bargain price in some cases. I also bought some RSPCA raffle tickets, because any group that brings kittens to a wargames show deserves my money.

There was a stall selling chilli sauce.

I looked around the participation games as well; there were some interesting things on show. One group was doing a beautiful looking Zulu War game, whilst another were running a micro-scale Stalingrad using piles of scratchbuilt buildings. I was pleased to recognise the Battle of Lissa being played by a group running 'Wooden Ships and Iron Men' (the Venetian flags were the clue).

I took pictures of a Boxer Rebellion game which bore a startling resemblance to the one put on by the Staines Wargamers some 20-30 years ago. Here they are:

There were lots of competition and tournament games going on. As none of them were HOTT I didn't pay them much attention, aside from a brief look at the DBMM tourney on the grounds that my dad had come over from the UK to play in it.

My abiding memory of Cancon is the smell of male sweat that assails your nostrils as you walk through the door. I have a lot of respect for those people who stuck three days of it.
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