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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Half Century

This is a wargames blog. For wargames. Which makes my birthday a little difficult to report, as I didn't really get anything game-related for it. But I'm not going to miss the opportunity to post about it, as it's one of the biggies - my Half Century.

So what does a mature, responsible, married, father-of-two do for their 50th birthday around here?

Well, I slob around at home in my onesie, having had my breakfast cooked by one of my children, and the promise of my tea being cooked by the other. It's actually Mother's Day here in Australia, so both Catherine and I are expecting to be pampered today.

We actually went out for the day yesterday as my birthday outing and meal, traveling down the coast to a little town called Milton, which is where Catherine and I spent our anniversary a couple of months ago. Milton is a bit quirky:

We spent the day poking around little shops and had a lovely lunch at a restaurant called The Tipsy Fig, which we highly recommend. Here's my pudding - lemon meringue - and my son, who obviously doesn't approve of such indulgence:

Pressies? Well, there were some. The only one of remotest interest to this blog is the one I picked up at Free Comic Book Day last week - another figure for my Godzilla collection:

It's actually a money-box, but I can't see it being used for that.

(I wasn't kidding about the onesie)

Now all I need is another monster figure to go with it, and I can have a giant game of Giant Monster Rampage.

There were other presents. Milton has a nice little shop that does retro-style clothing, so I got a hat:

I also got a 50s style floral dress and full petticoat as well, something I've always wanted. But I'll be saving that for a ball I'm going to later this year. And, frankly, it looks better without the beard.

Anyway ongoing projects wait for no man, birthday or not, and I have some GNW cavalry to finish off before a game on Thursday. Time to get back to them ...

Sunday, 12 May 2013


A Dalek T-Shirt is always a good choice for a present
Well, that's another birthday been and gone. from a games point of view it was fairly limited - I got both expansion sets for the boardgame 'Quirks', after we rediscovered its simple pleasures on holiday a few weeks ago. Otherwise I got clothes and a few bits and pieces for girl in my life. I did get a pile of money, though, and there's a few game-related items I shall be looking at purchasing, assuming that I don't spend it all on frocks first - having two money-pit 'hobbies' is always a bit of a balancing act financially.

I was planning on trying out some ACW 'Black Powder' this weekend, but I seem to have kept myself occupied with friends and family so far, so it hasn't materialised. There's also some RPG stuff I'm pottering around with - that's more likely to materialise by the end of today, as it has a lower preparation/setup/play time. We'll see.

Anyway, I'm a year older now. And maybe a year wiser. Who knows.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Black Powder - 1809

We tried another game of Black Powder last night, set in the Peninsular in 1809 and featuring an Anglo-Portuguese force holding a ridge-line against a French assault.

Bryan and Ralph are reasonably adept at Black Powder, whilst the rest of us - aren't. But we're getting there. We used 15mm figures and measured all distances in centimeters, just to see how they worked.

The French has eight turns to clear the ridge and get to the other side of the table. With hindsight this wasn't really enough, but we're still learning.

Here's the terrain and the Anglo-Portuguese setup.

The British and Portuguese are in line - of course.

The French appear. In columns.

And they have skirmishers.

The French fan out onto the table, and form up for the assault.

The first brigade prepares to go in.

John takes photos.

Here come the French!

The French cavalry charge up the ridge and find a British square waiting for them. Merde!

The French get well and truly stuck-in.

They even get stuck into the British square. Somehow it resisted the attack for three turns, though.

The Italian Guard resist all attempts to dislodge them from the ridge, mostly by rolling to save virtually every hit inflicted on them and by having more supports than their Anglo-Portuguese attackers. By the end of the game they had routed three enemy units just by sitting there.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you - The Italian Guard!

At the end of the eight turns the French definitely had the upper hand, and pretty much controlled the ridge. The Anglo-Portuguese army was badly mauled. Given that the French were never going to reach the other side of the table it was deemed that they'd basically achieved a victory in the time available.

Using centimeters worked well with 15mm figures, giving us a decent sized playing area on a modest table. I plan to try it for my 6mm ACW figures at some stage (using 3 or 4 base units on a 6-8cm frontage).

Caesar and I share a birthday (tomorrow, in fact) so we had cake.

With candles.

Friday, 11 May 2012

The Battle Of Tijuana

It's my birthday today. I've had a good present haul, of course, some of it in useful hard-cash form and some of it of relevance to this blog. Here's the items of relevance:

Two new games (courtesy of my brother) - one a RPG and another a set of miniatures rules I've been keen to try for a while. The small black object in the corner is a lens attachment for my iPhone; it gives me wide-angle, macro and fish-eye capability, all of which I will find useful.

This afternoon I played through another Mexican Revolution game, using the latest draft of my 'Struggle Against Everything And Everybody' rules. I based my game around the 1911 battle for Tijuana. Tijuana is in Baja California, right against the border with the USA. In 1911 the Federal garrison of about 200 was attacked by a force of 200 Magonistas,