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Friday, 16 March 2018

Punch A Nazi

I know how much most people here like to see Nazis getting a good kicking (and if you're not one of those people, what are you even doing here?), so here's some pictures of a couple of games of HOTT I played against Geoff last night. I used my Weird Reich army. Geoff used the Weird WWII Americans in the first game, and won, and then the Weird WWII Soviets in the second game. And won again.

Americans vs The Weird Reich

Gung-ho US soldiers pile into the Death's Head Battalion. In fact the skull-heads came of best in this fight, one of my few successes of the evening.

A few brave boys engaged Adolf himself, who fled to his bunker (some bad going far to his rear).

Captain America and The Haunted Tank teamed up to take down the Aryan Superman.

Desperate fighting in some ruins. The ruins had to be removed because of all of the fighting.

The Death's Head Battalion has a go at The Haunted Tank.

But this is where it all ended. Cowering in the ruins, Adolf was attacked by ... Lassie! And Lassie won.

On to the second game. I used the same army as before, whilst Geoff switched to the Soviets

I had a good feeling about this game, and advantages on a couple of key parts of the battlefield.

Hordes and skulls faced-off on the left (although skull-headed soldiers already have an advantage in a face-off).

On my left I did a grand job with the werewolves, but Geoff did a grander job with The Hero of the Soviet Union and an even grander one with Stalin in his battle-suit. These two elements cut their way through the Nazi centre, before finishing off the werewolves to win the battle.

So that was the Nazis thoroughly punched twice.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the room, everyone else was having a far more sensible time refighting Marengo using Black Powder.

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Nazis On Skaro

Once the Weird Nazis invented an inter-dimensional portal, the whole universe was at their mercy

"Skaro. That looks like a good place to invade", said Hitler one day (except that he would have said it in German with English subtitles. Or would have been dubbed.)

So an invasion force was assembled, and Skaro was invaded.

You can't go wrong with decent air-support.

Ah! Local inhabitants. How dangerous can they be?

They have air-support too. In fact the big saucer is the relay for ...

... their command centre!

The stage is set for a battle between the evil Nazis and the peace-loving inhabitants of Skaro. Scouts report that the inhabitants refer to themselves as 'Daleks'.

"Sounds Slavic," says Adolf. In German.

The Daleks have mercenaries, who move to occupy some rubble.

Meanwhile the Nazi air-force moves in on the Dalek right flank.

An aerial battle ensues. A Valkyrie holds off the Dalek anti-gravity platforms ...

... until the Flying Saucer comes in to assist, downing one of the Daleks.

The Valkyrie falls to the other Dalek, however, and the aerial battle continues. The Daleks had artillery support as well, but it's not pictured since it actually had no material effect on the battle.

Things got desperate for the Dalek's air units, but they held off the invaders.

Meanwhile on the other flank a Nazi Werewolf Battalion moved to attack the mercenaries. They were driven off.

The Dalek's Command Saucer entered the fight, outclassing the smaller Nazi saucer. Its shields were even proof against the dark sorcery of the Fuhrer himself.

An overview of the battle. The aerial engagement still dominated the centre. The Nazi airship played little part in the engagement.

The Nazis committed one of their Death's Head Battalions to the support the fight, but the Dalek's Command Saucer saw it off.

More casualties for the Nazis, as the Dalek's mercenaries finished off the werewolves.

The Nazi saucer was also shot down.

The Fuhrer sacrificed another virgin in order to power a magical assault on the Command Saucer, but still couldn't breach its defences.

A Nazi success - the horrific Demon Panzer clawed its way through some of the mercenaries, feeding on body and soul. Yum!

Unfortunately the Fuhrer was now surrounded and exterminated.

The main Dalek line was not engaged, and its only action was a small advance in order to pin Nazi troops and prevent them coming to the aid of their commander.

Skaro was saved from the rules of evil. The Daleks were free to live in peace.

I can't believe I hadn't fought a 'Hordes of the Things' battle between my Weird WWII Germans and the Daleks before. So this was it. The Nazis had a few chances at gaining an advantage early on, and Hitler's sorcery was dangerous enough to threaten the Dalek's command saucer a couple of times. So the battle could have gone either way - in the end the Daleks got the upper hand and the Nazis couldn't hold them.


Here are the army lists:

Weird WWII Germans

1 x Magician General (Hitler)
1 x Behemoth (Demon Panzer)
1 x Airboat (Airship)
2 x Flyers (Valkyrie and Flying Saucer)
2 x Warband (Death's Head Legion)
2 x Beasts (Werewolf Battalion)
1 x Lurker (Summoned Nasties)


1 x Airboat General (Command Saucer)
2 x Flyers (Daleks on Flying Disks)
2 x Shooters (Humanoid Mercenaries)
5 x Blades (Daleks)
1 x Artillery (Special Weapons Dalek)

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Stalin vs Hitler

I used a number of things as inspiration for my Weird WWII HOTT armies, and one of them was a Russian comic-strip by Alexey Lipatov I came across back in the early days of my surfing the 'net, featuring an epic super-powered battle between Hitler and Stalin.

The pictures themselves were enough to give me the idea of Stalin and Hitler as the actual army generals, and of fielding Hitler as a dark magician, but I'd never read the dialogue, because it was in Russian and my Russian is limited to 'please', 'thank you' and asking for directions.

Time has moved on, and it appears that some years ago people translated the words and re-lettered the comic. Here are the first three panels:

You can read the rest HERE

There's a lot to enjoy in it, but I love the fact that Stalin sounds like Sean Connery.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Weird World War II - Enter The Americans!

I finally finished my American army for Weird WWII HOTT last week (bar the stronghold, which I'm still pondering). On Thursday night, at the my first Gong Garage Gamers meeting for a month, they had their debut game - against the Germans, of course.

Based on Hollywood and comics, of course, the army consists of:

1 x Rider general (Cigar-smoking general in jeep)
1 x Paladin (Captain America)
1 x Hero (Sergeant Rock/Fury or similar)
1 x Knight (The Haunted Tank)
5 x Warband (Gung Ho American infantry)
1 x Beast (Lassie)

The Germans defended, their position being based on two hills.

Here's the Haunted Tank, making up the US right flank.

The general commands his troops from the rear.

Combat! Captain America engages the Demon Panzer.

Lassie and The Haunted Tank are also engaged. The Haunted Tank destroys an element of Nazi robots, but Lassie finds them less to her taste and is driven back. The robots would fight off Lassie and the tank for the rest of the game.

US infantry engages the German's Death's Head Battalion.

Captain America fell to the Demon Panzer (don't worry - he's not dead; just in suspended animation), so the US general was forced into action.

Lassie and Sergeant Rock rush to help, surrounding the Panzer. In fact Sergeant Rock had already fought his way through to the enemy stronghold, but failed to capture it, and his flee move put him close into the rear of the Demon Panzer.

Try as they might the US forces couldn't finish off the Panzer. As their elements were whittled down elsewhere, it fought off attack after attack. Eventually Adolf himself stepped in, and finished off Sergeant Rock to win the battle for the Germans.

The Americans are a fun army to play, with a hard-hitting Hero and Paladin combination. Of course the downside of this is that they are vulnerable to losing these troops, and the rest of the army - Warbands, Knight and a Beast - are potentially brittle if things don't go their way.

In a second game we pitted the Germans against the Russians. The Russians won after a bold German attack on their centre became over-extended and got outflanked.

Meanwhile - another time and another place; this HOTT game on another table used essentially historical medieval armies.

There was also an epic game of Bolt Action on the go, with Germans fighting French resistance, but I neglected to get any pictures of it.

Friday, 17 January 2014

HOTT Weird WWII - Taster

My PC is still hors de combat, so I'm not really up to doing a full post, but here's a taster from last night's HOTT game, which saw the debut of my Weird WWII American army - Captain America faces the Demon Panzer.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Soviet Wonderland

Having fended of the Weird Nazis, the Soviets thought they'd had enough of fighting. But it wasn't to be. Dark Nazi sorcery had opened up tears in the fabric of space and time, and through a particularly large rabbit-hole came invaders from  ... Wonderland. Led by their decadent Queen of Hearts they marched on Moscow.

I used random terrain placement for this game. This left the armies fighting on an open plain before a long ridge. Given that the Soviets were outclassed in bad going but had an edge in mobility, this was to their advantage.

Here's how the armies deployed.

And here's the position after a couple of bounds. I had taken several pictures before I realised that my phone was set to square format. So a lot of the action was chopped off at the edges.

The Soviets advanced a strong right, trying to outflank the army of Wonderland. Wonderland responded by deploying a couple of Spears on a hill.

The Soviets attacked ...

... and were repulsed.

The soviet centre pushed forward, aiming to overwhelm the enemy spear-line.

Meanwhile the Wonderland Beasts worked their way around the Soviet left.

All neat and tidy so far ...

... including another failed attack up the hill.

The Soviets fall back in the centre...

... aside from the Hero of the Soviet Union, who fought alone. At this point I hadn't noticed that he'd been deployed facing the wrong way.

On the Soviet left armed factory workers put up an heroic last stand as they were assaulted by flamingos, a griffon and the mock turtle.

But they didn't last long.

Once again Soviet attacks couldn't break the Wonderland line.

Success! The Ghosts of the Heroes of Old Russia ride down an element of Spears.

But on the Soviet left the proletariat Hordes were being overwhelmed.

They went down, flags flying ...

... and Alice, plus the other Wonderlanders, had a clear run at the road to Moscow.

Facing the right way at last, the Hero of the Soviet Union fought defied the enemy Spears.

A Spear element was outflanked ...

... and destroyed.

But Alice and the griffon were making a run for the stronghold ...

... and captured it.

The position at the end.

Casualties were even - the Soviets lost four Hordes, whilst Wonderland lost two Spears.

Both sides were badly hampered by lack of PIPs; on a lot of turns they rolled '1' only. This led to attacks by large blocks of troops, or isolated counter-attacks. There were never enough PIPs for maneuver. It also meant that the Soviets didn't get chance to bring back any Hordes to cover the stronghold; a delay of a turn or so could have seen then begin to exploit their success in the centre.

My next Army Showcase will look at the Wonderland army in more detail.
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