Why did you put me in there Dad??? What was the real reason you told those psychiatrists that I had to be in Crozer??? Or drugs…you locked me up to see if I went thru drug withdraw symptoms right Dad??? The elders come over: That was a hate crime 2 years before asshole Boudia got involved…along with other people… Other people in LA and in Hollywood and in Music and in sports were already too involved and hating on me during that time and before…it was hate crime all over the goddamn place…lol. And Dad expects me to go to the meetings down here…and risk my life??? The discussion will be based on the book Organized to Accomplish Our Ministry, pages 98 and The new publisher may find it hard to speak effectively in the house-to-house work.

The Attractiveness of the Christian Message

Are you sure that you want to delete this answer? Yes Sorry, something has gone wrong. There is no “can’t” just using the God given wisdom that we have. There is nothing wrong in associating with her, but you would do well to do this with others around.

Six-Foot-Tall Jesus. By Denise Pace. Some people would be ecstatic or dumbstruck by such a thing, and would call it a miracle. As a lifelong wholly unbaptized heathen, I tend to flesh it out and call it a story. mechanical, photocopying, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher.

Bad associations Doctors also need to stay healthy The work of Christians can be compared to that of a physician who attends patients that abide by customs or traditions that are against the basic principles of medical science. Some patients perhaps uphold traditions based on superstition and unsanitary habits. The doctor will not hesitate to help these people, but he does not need to share in their customs to provide help.

He wants to share his knowledge of healing and sanitary living habits with them. He aspires to make them well, not to get sick himself; to instruct them in improving their conditions, not to corrupt his own clean living habits. Similarly, Christians will preach to people to help them attain spiritual health, but never will they lower their high standards putting themselves at risk. What would happen if we mix them?

The water won’t be clean, but dirty. Friendship with a person alienated from God will make our faith weak, stained.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Questions

However, the intensity of pressure to conform remains constant. One night, they offered to go out to dinner together, but they deceitfully took her to the Kingdom Hall, first. Initially my mom was angry about being tricked.

You’re right they asked all the questions already during unbaptized publisher meeting and my girlfriend did say she has no history of sex. Of course the plan is no sex before marriage now that she’s a sister but we did sleep together before I admit and she will be forced to lie during baptism questions most likely.

I realized years ago that my panic disorder and my depression was partially linked to being one of Jehovah’s Witnesses the constant fear and guilt , as well as my parents’ and sister’s rigid adherence to the belief system. What has led me to your videos is that JWs have been visiting me for a few months and we got on the subject of what they call ‘false religion’. They invited me to watch an episode of what I guess is a tv program or something of the sorts on their website and I watched an episode from an older man who was talking about how many religions are involved with Scandals of Child Abuse cover up.

I could not believe what I found. Scores and scores of news related articles on Child Abuse Cover up in the Jehovah’s Witnesses themselves. I understand that just because something is on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true, but this wasn’t the case at all. I’m talking about actual court cases, documents, etc. I was taken to the Australia Royal Commission’s website and saw what was happening there, have recently seen a report from investigator Trey Bundy, the work of Attorney Irwin Zalkin and what he’s dealing with, etc.

I just recently started to do research on being disfellowship. Because I feel like I want to worship some where but was feeling guilty about going to church.

Glossary: === D ===

How Shunning Affects Those Who Have Left Contributed by Christian Sparlock Freedom The following are comments posted about how the Watchtower Society’s shunning doctrine affects those who are forced to be on the receiving end of this heinous and un-Christian teaching. Brenda Lee – My family has shunned me since In , when my father was very sick and about to pass away, I ran into my mother and sister in the hospital hallway.

Abstract. Cilliní—or children’s burial grounds—were the designated resting places for unbaptized infants and other members of Irish society who were considered unsuitable by the Roman Catholic Church for burial in consecrated sites appear to have proliferated from the seventeenth century onwards in the wake of the Counter-Reformation.

Information on iconography from the Bibliokek Nationale Many Internet sites have been correctly accused of being crypto-Jewish, or written by trolls, or written by professional spooks, or just ignorantly biased to Jews. People unused to Jewish analyses may like my soft introduction, my own extremely incomplete list of ‘joff’ websites, Jews-off-the-radar, with my reasoning.

I’ve tried to explain in what respects they are wrong, incomplete, dishonest, and evil. Many are shills for Jews, large numbers are scared to discuss Jewish wire-pulling, many are paid by Jews or Jewish pressure groups. By this time, virtually all political parties are subservient to Jews. And conversely, here’s my intermittently-compiled list of ‘jadar’ sites, with brief comments—some a bit unkind, where I think I’ve found covert Jew biases.

Sites like these are the most likely to convey hard and shocking and novel views, and I encourage novices to browse—your life, literally, is at risk if you are not Jew-aware.

Organizational structure of Jehovah’s Witnesses

This is mental murder. Resistance to evil is the essence of life. By requiring their slaves to engage in the worst moral impurities, these parts lose their spiritual eyes.

A Trivia game for Jehovah’s Witnesses. Thanks to this app you will be able to learn, memorize and remember interesting details about bible books, bible history, .

Welcome to where you can get biblical advice and counsel on anything and everything related to Jehovah’s Witnesses. The following email exchange is a demonstration of the attitude each of us should have towards anyone claiming to be anointed or have visions. Since it is not our experience, there is no way that we can know anything for certain except if we see clear signs of demonization or extreme mental illness. We can discuss the Scriptures with them about these issues, but only that individual gets to decide what the facts are for theirself.

We can have our own view, but we must let them have theirs and not try to convince them otherwise because it is not our place. I had a vision of seeing Jesus Christ, I could describe his look and appearance in detail but I won’t do it here.

: Skipped Parts: A Novel (GroVont series) (): Tim Sandlin: Books

Share From the classical Latin converto, depon. In the Latin Vulgate Acts Dei, VIII, xxiv , and in later ecclesiastical Latin, conversion refers to a moral change, a turning or returning to God and to the true religion, in which sense it has passed into our modern languages. For example, the “conversions” of St. Paul, of Constantine the Great, and of St.

Would it be wise, then, for a dedicated Christian to pursue courtship and marriage with someone who has been accepted as an unbaptized publisher, since, strictly speaking, Paul’s counsel recorded.

You don’t simply up and go well I need to date this lady so i’ll convert. No it takes sometime and stuff but i want get into all of that. However yea our dating ideas basically we think that you should or can date if you find yourself competent for marriage. Your companions will have to be on the same phrases as your spirituality. Good sure some say we are not able to date out of our faith but that’s not the case.

It could simply be pleasant to be with anyone on identical terms if matters occur at some point. Say you need to get married to her you’ve got a child and the little one is excellent in the beginning.

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