Sunday, February 27, Vintage Gillette Superspeed Being new to the traditional style of wet shaving, I have been an avid reader of many blogs, posts, forums, websites, and watched lots and lots of videos on youtube Ok, I admit, I have been a little, well, He ended up purchasing a boar brush last weekend and I was happy to donate some of my creams for him to use and try out. Obviously, he had much better shaves and was interested in finding out more about wet shaving. I pointed him to some of my favorite websites and blogs, most notably mantic59’s youtube channel. He has a very extensive collection of videos. They are great sources of information about wetshaving and are quite entertaining as well just in case you are interested yourself, you can find his youtube channel here. During my recent knowledge of wet shaving, I’ve noticed that a lot of guys are particularly interested in finding and collecting vintage razors. One of the most popular razors was Gillette’s superspeed model razors made in the 40’s and 50’s.

Knife And Vintage Razors

Notes[ edit ] The World Series telecast on Fox was the first year of their exclusive coverage of the Fall Classic although the new contract would technically begin the next year. As in previous World Series televised by the network, Joe Buck provided the play-by-play, with Tim McCarver himself a Yankees broadcaster and a former Mets broadcaster and Bob Brenly as color commentators. Brenly worked in the booth with Buck and McCarver for Games and 5, and provided periodic commentary from the stands in Game 4.

Visitez eBay pour une grande sélection de Rasoir Surete Gillette SLIM Adjustable I4 James Bond Vintage Safety Razor. Achetez en toute sécurité et au meilleur prix sur eBay, la livraison est rapide.

The famous green package with King C. This “banknote” design lasted until the depression. The New Gillette blade had a long slot instead of three holes. The rust-resistant oxidized Blue Blade was introduced in April of In the late ’30s the Thin Blade with a brown surface finish had a red wrapper that was missing the Gillette visage. The Super Blue blade came out in the late ’60s and KCG’s picture shrank to insignificance and then disappeared altogether.

Around Blue Blades began to be packaged in double-ended plastic dispensers. The blades were marked with arrows to indicate which way the blade was to be pushed to slide it from the dispenser. In the mid s competition from Wilkinson Sword of England forced Gille tte to go stainless.

Vintage Gillette Razor

If an item has any major issues – dents, deep marks, stains or heavy scratches etc. I will bring these to your attention in my description. From the Krumholtz guide: The only concession made for the Goodwill was the cap, which was manufactured solely for the use of the Goodwill series.

Details about Vintage Gold Tone Gillette Razor “RED & BLACK SPECIAL Deluxe Set Hard to Find. Vintage Gold Tone Gillette Razor “RED & BLACK SPECIAL Deluxe Set Hard to Find | Add to watch list. Estimated within business days help icon for Estimated delivery date – opens a layer.

All the cases have Vintage Ware and some as you can see in my pictures have certain amounts of breakage and scratching which happens with time. Some of the cases need to be completely refurbished whereas some of the cases only need a small amount of refurbishing. Please keep in mind that these pieces have been laying around in old barns, people’s garages etc.

Including the Superslim Adjustable’s and Fat Boys. These cases encompass Gillette’s entire history of cases from its inception until almost the end of Gillette history. They are all fantastically collectible. I don’t think you’ll find another lot like this anywhere, I have amassed these over many years and have just recently decided to sell them. I’m not going to list every case, that would make this description too long to be posted.

If you have any questions concerning certain cases please be sure to ask questions before bidding. These cases were found all over the world by me, from estate sales, garage sales etc. They are just what a Vintage collector needs, from the new collector to the collector with many years experience. Please be sure to look closely at all the pictures as they are an exact representation of the items being sold.

First non

Written on the razor handle: Silver-plated knurled removable handle. Three piece razor, top guard has three studs, center one is threaded for handle.

Aug 09,  · Vintage Gem Safety Razor in box never used Brooklyn,NY RICHARDS RAZORS Vintage Gem Safety Razor in box never used Brooklyn,NY HERE’S AN ODD ONE; THIS IS AN EARLY ‘s GEM SAFETY RAZOR THAT CAME OUT OF THE FACTORY TTO LADY GILLETTE RAZOR BLUE STARBURST DATE C.

Scrub with Bubbles Click thumbnail to view full-size The Gillette Fatboy is so coated with greasy dirt that we’re going to start out by scrubbing it with oven cleaner you can also use foaming bathroom cleaner. Oven cleaner and foaming bathroom cleaner are both very strong, so we only use them on very dirty steel or nickel-plated razors. If the razor has a painted handle or tip, be sure to keep it covered as the chemicals will remove the paint. This will damage plastic or brass-plated razors.

Wear rubber or vinyl gloves, and open the windows Put the razor in a metal bowl or sink Spray the razor, using metal tongs to turn it Let soak for 3 minutes, then scrub with a toothbrush. Get into the corners inside and underneath the head, and into the base of the handle. Rinse thoroughly Peroxide Dip Click thumbnail to view full-size The Flare Tip and Super Speed double edged razors have less build-up, so we’re starting them with a hydrogen peroxide dip.

You can do this in a glass jar we’re using a Barbicide disinfector, as it’s easy to lift the razors in and out. Pour enough peroxide to cover the razors, and lower them in. Let them sit for at least two hours – you’ll see a bubbly foam on them. If it’s thick, rinse it off and put the razors back in.

Gillette SLIM Adjustable TTO Safety Razor J

New DE razor user here. Checking in after using electric razors for the better part of my life. I’ve been playing with the idea of DE shaving for a couple years now and now that BOTH my electric razors crapped out I decided to pull the trigger. I have been practicing the last week with a Gillette Knack razor a buddy of mine was nice enough to give me and I have been really enjoying it so far!

Details about Vintage Safety Razor Lot of 5, Gem, Gillette, Enders Speed, Estate Sale Find. Vintage Safety Razor Lot of 5, Gem, Gillette, Enders Speed, Estate Sale Find | Add to watch list. Estimated within business days help icon for Estimated delivery date – opens a layer.

One of my other vintage razors is of this basic type, but not quite that old. The initial design persevered unchanged until after World War I. Razors of this kind are quite viable shaving tools, and provide a close shave to anyone willing to employ them with a bit of care and technique. All of the razors mentioned are comprised of three pieces. The cap top , the baseplate mates up to the cap, with the razor held firmly between , and finally the handle, which threads onto a spine that comes down from the cap, through the baseplate, and serves to hold the whole machine together.

The open comb style excels at mowing through thick stubble quickly, and they offer a fairly clear avenue for the razor blade itself to touch your face.

Vintage Gillette Blue blades

Use the following Blade Gap Sizes Chart. It will help you “guesstimate” which type of Gillette Adjustable razor will shave you better. My takeaways and conclusions are as follows: How to use this Blade Gap Table: For example, If you have a Standard Fatboy razor and shave with it at a “7” and want to know how another Gillette Adjustable will behave, simply look at the column for the other razor and match up the gap numbers.

Another perennial favorite vintage Gillette is the Triangle Tech. These early Techs shave just a bit more efficiently than a regular Tech, and are identifiable by the (sort of) .

Photo and Copyright by Chautauqua Photographing Co. Spring Training headquarters for the Philadelphia Phillies. Color photo courtesy Chicago Chamber of Commerce. Postmarked in Chicago on April 27, There is thumb print crease of the left centerfield area. Overall excellent or better. Captioned on the reverse: Has the K in the postage stamp area. Nice view from the First Base side. Undated, late ‘s I believe. No creases, no flaws. Near mint plus to mint.

Vintage Gold Tone Gillette Razor “RED & BLACK SPECIAL Deluxe Set Hard to Find

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Vintage Gillette Slim Adjustable double edge safety razor DE date code H4 in Collectibles, Vanity, Perfume & Shaving, Shaving PopScreen – Video Search, Bookmarking and Discovery Engine PopCharts.

The neck can be a particularly troublesome area to shave. Others are troubled by razor burn with redness and pain, nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs. Here are 10 strategies that can help tame the neck: They can even sometimes grow in a circular pattern. Understanding how the hair grows on your neck is the first step in overcoming shaving problems there. To accomplish this, create a map of your beard with a mapping aid like this one.

Using a mirror and gentle circular motions of the fingers, determine the direction s your beard is growing in and sketch that onto the face map. Writing arrows in the direction of growth in each box will help you understand how to best shave those areas.

My 3 Favorite Vintage Razors. I was tagged in a video by “Shaving With Rich”.

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