Wednesday, 10 October 2018

New Gladiators

After the excitement of MOAB the other week, I finished off some gladiators which had been languishing, half-completed, on my painting table since May. They are mostly types for which I didn't have proper figures, and which I wanted to try out in 'Munera Sine Missione'.

First up are a couple of Provocatores, with their distinctive cardiophylax breastplate. I did one with a large shield and one with a small(ish) shield, for variety.

Secondly, a gorgeous Crupellarius, the tank of the gladiator world, in heavy armour and with a large shield. Slow, but difficult to wound.

The Provocatores and the Crupellarius are both from Crusader.

The company in Australia which stocks the Crusader gladiators also does Warlord figures, so I had a quick look through their ancients range to see if there was anything I could use. There was - these figures from their Gallic Celt range. The poses are fantastic, and I thought they would make worthy additions to my stable of gladiators.


  1. Lovely, and I do rather like your Munera Sine Missione rules. I may well end up dragging my gladiator figures out of retirement and make a suitable arena for myself :)

    1. Thanks! There really is a v3.0 on the way, which keeps the same core mechanisms, but which has radically streamlined some of the other parts. I'm rather pleased with what we've achieved.

  2. What sources do you use for your gladiator information?

    1. Various pages on the internet for a lot of it - there's plenty of reasonable information if you fish around. There's an Osprey Elite too, which is flawed in places, but essentially good for the basics, and I also have Susanna Shadrake's 'The World of the Gladiator' which is quite good on the history of the arena, the motovations of the people involved and the equipment of the basic types.

      To be fair, quite a few of my miniatures, and the games I play, are historically tenuous at best, and into flights of fantasy at worse.


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