Monday, 8 October 2018

Frocktober 2018 - Part One

I can sense you reeling in horror from here. Yes, you're used to there being an annual Frocktober post on this blog. Each year you steel yourself for it, safe in the knowledge that there won't be another one for twelve months. Well, this year there's going to be more than one.

In previous years I have thrown on a frock or two during October, and then used platforms like this to direct people to the donation pages of other participants. However this year, buoyed up by my increased confidence and comfort with my crossdressing, I have decided to participate in Frocktober properly, in my own right. My wife, daughter and I have formed out own team - It Has Pockets - and you can donate directly to us.

It Has Pockets

So what is Frocktober? Well, here in Australia it's an annual charity event where those of us who like to wear a nice dress from time to time put them on, show them off and encourage people to contribute money to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. Ovarian cancer is a gynecological cancer that's particularly hard to detect, and the foundation's researches are focused very much on making detection easier. Because early detection makes the likelihood of an effective treatment higher. And effective treatment is what we want; an Australian woman dies of ovarian cancer every eight hours.

The hardcore Frocktober participants will wear a different outfit on each of the 31 days of October. Some even do themed challenges. If you're on Instagram or Twitter you can follow the hashtags #Frocktober2018 or simply #Frocktober and see what they're up to. My goals are more modest. Wearing a frock every day for 31 days isn't really viable for me, so I have set myself the challenge of at least ten frocks during the course of the month. And that's why there are going to be multiple posts, because it'll be frocks all month and I need to spread the pictures out.

So here's the first update.

I started off with this retro-style classic.

Perfect for a day at work pointing at things on my screen

But it's not only me donning frocks. Catherine (who is not one of the world's most frequent frock-wearers) slipped on this beauty for a family dinner.

This was my second outfit; a little ensemble I put together for a Friday at work.

Fans of 1980s UK kids' TV might appreciate the brooch.

Into the second week and I went for this cute op-shop number.

And, that team name again - IT HAS POCKETS

 Three down. Seven to go.

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