Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The Night Parade Of The Yokai

I'm continuing to have fun with my 3D printer, and thought that it would be an interesting exercise to produce a complete gaming force using it. Obviously I started small - a warband for Ganesha Games' Battlesworn skirmish rules; ten to twelve figures maximum would be well within the range of my capabilities.

Once again I turned to the prolific Dutchmogul and selected THIS FILE supplemented by the Troll Ronin HERE. I rescaled some of the figures, worked out which ones would print standing up and which would need to be printed in two halves and spent a day messing about with the printer.

The end result - The Night Parade of the Yokai for Battlesworn, in roughly 25mm - compatible with the GW Lord of the Rings figures which make up most of my other warbands basically. A force of Japanese goblins and spirits, with some unusual members.

This is the troll ronin. I printed four of them, scaled down to about half size, to be the compulsory four Fighters. They represent Oni, of a sort.

Now this is an Oni! In Battlesworn he'll be a Brute/Tank, although the new supplement has a Giant category which may suit as well.

This is a Dorotabo, which appears to be the ghost of a farmer. I have classed him as Tank to represent him being difficult to kill.

This is a Tengu. They were famous for being skilled warriors, so I have classed him as a Flyer/Brute.

The Kappa - a water-monster. There are no specific water creatures in Battlesworn, but Kappa seem to fit the Rogue category very nicely. This was the most difficult figure to print, mostly because the software I use wouldn't support the arms, so they deformed during the process. It took a couple of goes to get a model I was happy with (which means I have a small collection of deformed Kappa waiting to be used or something).

This bizarre creature is a Nuppeppo - a rancid-smelling blob of flesh. I wasn't sure how to classify him, but for now he's the familiar of ...

... this lovely lady - the Jorogumo. She's a seductive spider-woman. With a lute. Or whatever the Japanese equivalent is. In basic Battlesworn she'd be a Warmage or Sorceror, and the Nuppeppo wouldn't get a look-in. But in the new supplement is the Witch class, which fits her perfectly and requires the figure to have a familiar. The Witch class is available as a free dowload from Ganesha Games' site, by the way.

Did I say she was a spider-woman?

As you can see, the figures are a bit rough around the edges. In terms of quality they are on a par with metal miniatures from, say, the 1970s. You can see the printer's layering effect on some of the pictures if you look closely, but at gaming distances it's not noticeable. The split figures fitted together reasonable well, but some Milliput was required to fill in gaps in the join. The plastic took paint very easily - one undercoat as I was away. So they make an interesting, and unusual warband and, since I have the printer and plastic, were cheap to make.

The full warband is:

4 x Fighters (Oni)
1 x Brute/Tank (Giant Oni)
1 x Tank (Dorotabo)
1 x Rogue (Kappa)
1 x Brute/Flyer (Tengu)
1 x Witch (Jorogumo) with familiar (Nuppeppo)


  1. Your experiments with the 3D printer are very interesting. I like the Nuppeppo and the Oni. Cheers, Karl

  2. The figures look great. Just as some alternative ideas using KnK: the Kappa could be a ranger and nominate that water features do not stop him (being amphibious). The dorotabo could be a construct to give plenty of immunities (not being a living creature). The Tengu could make an interesting Monk/Brute/Sorceror for the three slots, but you would have to ignore the wings :( - but he does look like a monk...


    1. As I recall a Ranger can't have water as the terrain he ignores :)

      I did think of making the Dorotabo as Construct, but I don't want to go too wild with the K&K types in a single warband, and I already have the Witch.

      The Tengu as a Monk/Brute (or Monk/Flyer) certainly fits their background. Apparently a lot of legendary samurai were trained by Tengu, who were exceptionally skilled fighters.

    2. Yes, you are right on the ranger, there goes that idea :(

  3. ha! we need a "water" creature for Battlesworn. Well done and very creative. I have a warband of Dixon 28mm Oni and bakemono. Tengu are hard to find.

    1. Perhaps not a specific water-creature, but a type which can choose s terrain and maybe get a combat and movement advantage in it (at theexpense of being limited elsewhere, maybe?)


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